Because Of Defective Implants, More Lawsuits Against DePuy Will Be Filed In The UK

DePuy Hip Lawsuit

Every patient hopes for a positive surgical outcome after a major surgery, such as a total hip replacement. Who would not think like that, especially when a very large sum of money is invested for the sake of well-being? The hip implant alone costs a lot, including the hospital bills and medications.  Would you still trust DePuy Orthopaedics if you find out that the hip implant they gave you is the primary cause of severe pain in your hips, and that it is actually defective?

Many hopeful patient have chosen DePuy as the top brand for their hip replacements. Apart from the United States of America, a great percentage of the recipients are actually from Britain. Some British have felt tremendous pain in their hips after a few years. Americans are not the only ones complaining, after all. Their faulty products have significantly caused quite a damage to thousands of innocent people and their families. They could not even take the hassle of undergoing a myriad of examinations, such as testing chromium and cobalt blood levels and viewing the metal hip implant through an MRI, which is actually quite costly. The added costs of all these requirements have made the victims even more depressed over their financial status. Because of all the damage it has caused them, hip implant recipients from Britain were driven to file a major lawsuit against DePuy.

Going to another side of the world, cases like these have also been reported in Ireland and Australia. Angry victims are already complaining, although no lawsuits have been formally filed yet. The fact that DePuy is an international company makes this issue a worldwide scare. More complaints are expected to be raised.

Your first hip surgery has already been stressful and draining enough for you. You would not want to see your surgeon again, and be advised to take another lengthy batch of laboratory tests. You may want to talk to a competent hip replacement lawyer to defend you. You are absolutely guaranteed of your compensation.