Vtech Kidizoom Camera – Get The Kid’s Camera Before It Stock Out!

vtech kidizoom plus

Vtech Kidizoom Plus, it is Rugged and easy to use, the Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera is ready to document all your child’s adventures. With two-eye viewing, grips designed to fit in little hands, and a built-in flash, this real digital camera can also shoot video. It also includes simple-to-use photo editing software so kids aged three and up can add creative touches to their images.

Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera comes with photo editor that is easy to use, with big round buttons for kids to click on and drag-and-drop stamps. More proffesional artists may be disappointed that there aren’t more ways to creatively control output, but files from the Vtech Kidizoom Camera can easily be edited in more advanced programs, too.

It’s clear right out stated on the packaging that the camera was designed to stand up to tough play and rough handling. Bright blue rubber grips on each side ease kids to grasp the camera with both hands, and two-eye viewing make it easy to conceptualize a photo or a cool video. The camera even comes with two interchangeable faceplates, so your child can pick her favorite look.

A built-in flash makes it easier to get well-lit pictures, especially if the subject of the photo is indoors. The flash often fire if you are trying to take a close-up shot, resulting in very bright, blown-out pictures. With 16MB of internal memory and an SD card slot so that you can add capacity if you need it, this Vtech Kidizoom Camera lets kids collect lots of images. The included USB cable allows you upload the images to your computer. The VTech photo editor lets you or your child add cool frames to photos, stamp funny hats on people, and distort images. You can even run fun animations that makes the photo look like it is rotating or underwater.