Types Of ACL Injury Treatment

The ACL is one of the main ligaments in the knee. This particular ligament can be ruined as a result of a major blow or perhaps hit to the knee, which is a very common accident in sports related activities. The injury to the ACL is quite common among football players after a tackle. Aside from football, some other sports activities involve a lot of contact among players, such as basketball, snowboarding, rugby, and also cheerleading. Each one of these activities may cause a rip on the ACL. But, because of modern technology, it is not impossible to get an easy and also effective ACL injury treatment.

Athletes who somehow sense some distress in their knees are often thought to have this type of injury. There are many types of assessments that can be done to figure out if indeed the soft tissue in the leg has been damaged. Physicians could use the Lachman tests and the anterior drawer test, in which the leg of the patient will be flexed and the tibia is altered in order to decide some higher movements. One more method to assess the particular injury is through the use of an MRI. As soon as the damage is noticed, treatments are established and advised. Minor problems would only need some moderate rehabilitation and never a surgery. But extreme damages require invasive surgeries.

Fortunately, an ACL surgery can be done arthroscopically, or the less obtrusive kind of ACL injury treatment. In this kind of method, small incisions only will be created. However, the actual recovery time would be much longer. The three kinds of ACL remedy to the graft cells of the knee are cadaver, hamstring tendon, and the patellar tendon.

The cadaver surgical treatment is where the tendon is eliminated from the cadaver to be used instead of the patient’s tendons. The actual removal is actually the most painful part of the entire procedure, which is also exactly why picking this treatment helps to make the condition of the patient after the surgery more comfortable and pain-free. Although this method is considered very effective, the time it usually takes the patient to return to normal is fairly long.

The hamstring tendon is actually considerably less agonizing and is typically more preferable than the patellar tendon. This process also necessitates the use of special knee braces for a minimum of fourteen days so that the ACL may have time to cure on its own. This is even considered as among the more significant and effective treatment options for an ACL injury.

The last form of ACL injury treatment is the patellar tendon. In this surgical treatment, the graft is going to be made from the actual knee with the damaged ACL. It is possibly the most commonly used procedure among sports athletes as it provides the shortest recuperation period.