Three Important Pointers To Conceive Naturally

In this post you are going to learn 3 important tips that can significantly improve your chances to conceive naturally. 

Eating Healthy Increases Fertility

You probably already know that drinking a lot of milk is superb when you are pregnant, but pushing up your calcium intake even before you conceive helps you to get pregnant quicker.  Calcium helps to be sure your reproductive system functions correctly, and one of the best sources of calcium is milk, so upping your daily milk intake is a very important step when trying to find the swiftest technique to get pregnant naturally. 

Doing Headstands to Get Those tiny Swimmers to the Right Place?

Don’t be concerned ; doing headstands to get pregnant is not mandatory.  It is nevertheless , proved that certain positions are better when it comes to falling pregnant.  All positions with the girl on top or standing positions are – for obvious reasons – not perfect when you are making an attempt to make a baby. 

Any position that deposits the sperm close to your cervix , however , is ideal.  The “missionary position” and the girl being on her hands and knees give your partner’s sperm that extra advantage that would make the difference between a home-run and one more negative pregnancy test. 

Time Your Baby Dancing

Baby dancing ( sex ) at the right time is critical when trying for a baby.  Girls are usually only fruitful for approximately 24 to 48 hours during their monthly cycle and having sex around the time of your fertility peak ( Ovulation ) is critical.  Luckily , there are a few methods that can help you pinpoint this important monthly event, one of them being supposed Ovulation Predictor Kits ( OVPs ). 

OVPs are very similar to home pregnancy tests, but rather than trying to find HCG ( the pregnancy hormone ), these tests look for high levels of luteinizing hormone that your body releases in high concentrations just before ovulation. 

Also, unlike private pregnancy tests, OVPs are only positive if the test line is as dark as or darker than the control line.  When you get a positive test, you may most probably ovulate in the following 24 to 48 hours and having sex at that time is highly important when making an attempt to find the quickest way to get pregnant naturally. 

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