The Advantages Of A Motorized Wheelchair

Motorized wheelchairs are incredibly important investments, or more specific, mobility aids & disability aids. The ideal one might give you a nearly normal life, and the wrong chair might bring you more trouble than convenience. It’s always practical to decide what you need and then locate the perfect chair to meet those needs. What follows are descriptions of three very good motorized wheelchairs, every one of them ideal for their stated purpose.

Invacare’s Pronto M91 is a nicely made mid-wheel drive power scooter & disability scooter made to be ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is capable of 6.5 mph and could accomodate obstacles up to 3” high, which means that annoying curbs are going to be minor inconveniences. The leg rests could be quickly tailored to answer your personal preferences and the device is narrow enough to pass through standard doorways.

The two main complaints are that Invacare’s battery charger may be difficult to use, and the rear suspension is not what you’d call soft. The Pronto is one of today’s best daily use mobility & disability aids and scooters which is additionally Medicare approved, though, so it could be that one more pillow or two could make it livable. This chair is made to hold up to 300 lbs and the company makes a heavy duty model intended for carrying up to 400 lbs.

If you’d rather have a high performance vehicle, you will want to check out the Bounder Plus H-Frame wheelchair. The Bounder will maneuver fine through a standard sized home, yet it really excels in the open air. The Bounder Plus may support up to 500 lbs and still jet along at 11 mph on paved ground. The battery offers a range of 40 miles under favorable conditions. The Bounder’s options are too plentiful to specify, but the fact that this company offers 9 seat options is illustrative. Medicare normally can not pay for a Bounder, yet you could acquire it by picking up the difference between what Medicare will pay for and the real price of the chair.

If you could rationalize the cost of an additional chair for travel, your finances would be well used for the Invacare AT’M Travel Electric Wheelchair. The seat frame will disconnect from the base and collapse as with a lawn chair, and as soon as the batteries are taken from the base it weighs a mere 34 pounds and the complete compilation is made to fit in many autos. The battery range is only 12 miles, and capacity is limited at 250 lbs, although for a lightweight portable chair the AT’M is pretty much the most efficient you could buy.

Motorized wheelchairs can be such important mobility devices that they should only be committed to after some thoughtful study. This kind of product will have a significant effect on both your everyday life and your budget. Shop carefully, then buy confidently.