Something About Wartrol

Wartrol can be defined as a product or a homeopathic preparation which is formulated to remedy the symptoms of the genital warts. The product is supposed to be manufactured from natural ingredients which are chosen due to their use in traditional homeopathic medicine treatment for the various symptoms of the genital warts. The producers of Warthol vouch for its simplicity of use and non toxic nature. This medicine is injected into the bloodstream by placing it under the tongue. This ensures the fast relief from the genital warts.

The human Papilloma virus causes genital warts in both male and female human beings. Having unprotected intercourse with a partner who already has the virus usually causes this. This disease is usually contracted from an already infected person if you have intercourse without protection with him or her. Even when virus is dormant and genital warts are not present, it can spread through the infected partner. The virus can spread from the infected partner even when it is in an inactive state. So you must do all that is necessary to preclude further proliferation of this virus. If you have genital warts, you should inform your partner, use condom and practice safe sex. You should not pick, scratch or damage the genital warts with hands. Do not touch the warts with your hands as they can then spread through your hands too. You should always wash your hands with soap.

The manufacturers and the distributors of the Wartrol brand product is Health Buy, California. Health Buy was launched in 2002. Today it is a trusted name in the field of Health and Beauty. Health Buy is a member of Natural Products Association. This company’s mantra is to come out with non toxic and efficient medications which can help us lead disease free lives.

Since it is not possible for us to eliminate genital warts, Wartrol gives the best alternative and that is to keep genital warts in check. This product has no proven side effects because it is entirely made of natural ingredients. The completely organic raw materials used in making Wartrol ensure that this product doesn’t have any harmful side effects. During the research, Wartrol has been effective on male and female humans.

The natural ingredients of Wartrol consist of two types, active and inactive ingredients.

Wartrol has the following active constituents –

1. Black Sulphide of Antimony – The Latin name of this ingredient is Antimony crudum 30C

2. Wild Yellow Indigo – The Latin name of this ingredient is Baptisia tinctoria 3X

3. Potassium Hydrate – The Latin name of this active ingredient is Causticum 200C

4. Nitric Acid – The Latin name of this active ingredient is Nutricum Acidum 200C

5. Arbor Vitae or, Tree of Life – The Latin name of this active ingredient is Thuja Occidentalis 200C

For the cure of the genital warts, you just have to squirt two sprays three times a day for getting these natural ingredients into your bloodstream. Subsequently these organic constituents of Wartrol will fight the virus and quickly provide you a release from the unpleasantness. Even if you have genital warts, Wartrol will ensure that this condition doesn’t subdue you and you get quick respite without having to bear any side effects.

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