Pride Maxima Scooter – A High-Quality Heavy-Duty Scooter

Pride Mobility manufactures one medical mobility scooter that falls into the heavy-duty segment of the market; the Maxima Scooter. The specifications that are most important in this market are of course the weight capacity and power of the scooter and also its stability and comfort. This scooter review will look first at the two available versions of the Maxima Mobility Scooter; either the 3 wheel or 4 wheel model. Four wheel models provide greater stability but have a larger turning radius and less leg room than three wheel models.

The next thing to discuss is the weight capacity of the Maxima Mobility Scooter . At 500lbs you will be hard pressed to find a more heavy-duty scooter. You may be leaning toward one of the many scooters on the market with 350 to 400 pound weight capacities. Just remember that if you plan to regularly use your scooter to transport heavy groceries or perhaps you require an oxygen tank at all all times, then this additional weight needs to be taken into consideration. The Maxima Scooter has the unique benefit among heavy-duty scooters of disassembling into 7 pieces for relatively easy transport. The scooter is understandably heavy though at around 250lbs with the heaviest piece coming in at just over 70lbs.

As far as the design specifications of the Pride Maxima Mobility Scooter are concerned, a few highlights are the new ergonomically enhanced 22” x 18.5” seating and a powerful heavy duty drive train capable of moving the scooter at speeds of up to 5.25mph. A popular option for this medical mobility scooter, both for its comfort and added convenience, is the power elevating seat. Two additional features that are worth mention are the full light package and the peace of mind that comes with flat free solid tires.

In conclusion, there are a few heavy-duty scooters out there that may go a little faster or be able to handle greater inclines but when you look at the whole package, quality construction, comfort, even appearance, the Pride Maxima is certainly worth a close look.