Perfect Sexual Positions To Conceive Quickly

If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, it’s high time that you discover that best positions for conceiving.  Do not fret; these positions aren’t out of the ordinary, and will not need you to get twisted up and back down, just so you can conceive.  Yes, there are specific sexual positions that favour conception. 

From a conception standpoint, the most necessary thing that should happen when having sex is for the sperm to meet and be able to fertilize the egg.  The best positions should permit the sperm to ejaculate nearer to the cervix so as to help the sperm move quickly though the cervix, way up the uterus, all the way to reach the waiting egg in the fallopian tubes.  The best sexual positions for conceiving are the ones that permit the deepest penetration of the penis, positions that allow the sperm to get closer to the cervix.  You will find that these are extremely useful most particularly if the girl doesn’t produce too much fruitful liquid. 

So if you are having difficulty falling pregnant, here are the recommended positions :

  1. The best choice is the traditional, tried and tested sexual position.  I am referring to the missionary position, whereby the man is on top while the woman is lying flat on her back.  This permits the penis to release semen deep inside the cervix.
  2. Another position that makes deep penetration possible is the  ‘doggy style.  ‘ Here the person enters the woman from behind while the lady is on her hands and knees.  This sexual position allows the man to release semen closer to the woman’s cervix.

Other positions aren’t considered superb for conception, such as the side lying positions and the lady on top.  This doesn’t make allowance for deep penetration.  If you are having difficulty falling pregnant, it’s understandable that some might get wrapped in achieving your goal that they let it take over their life.  Remember that baby making shouldn’t be all about engineers.  Make it a point to like making love.  It’d be best if you get pregnant in a conscious, open and most importantly, a loving environment.  There are some studies that show that the likelihood of conception are higher if the love making is lengthened since it will get all fluids flowing readily, and gives both partners a chance to enjoy and unwind.  So take time to enjoy your favorite positions, and you can finish off with one of the finest positions for conceiving.

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