Making Cute Chicken Costumes Is An Excellent Experience

A number of days before Halloween, both parents and children are having a fuss. Children are excited to go trick-or-treating. Parents, alternatively, are also busy preparing for the most attractive Halloween costume which their kids might have. Even before Halloween begins, parents are already looking for character costumes at neighborhood costume stores.

Apart from this, Halloween may be a time for making costumes. The cute chicken costumes are just simple to make. Chicken costumes are great costume ideas most especially for smaller kids. They are really clueless on what to wear for Halloween party. With a chicken costume, you and your children will be pleased with what you have created. Coming along with a chicken costume is not a problem at all because it is not difficult to make plus, it’s less expensive.

Procedures for Creating a Chicken Costume

Creating a chicken costume is very easy.  All you need to create the costume is:  7 inches of moderate white feather boas, 4 medium white feather boas, 2 white long-sleeved leotards, yellow tights, polyester fiberfill stuffing, canvas shoes, yellow latex gloves, a white baseball hat, two 8 by 12 inch orange felt pieces, 2 large wiggly eyes, hot glue gun, security pins, as well as a black marker.

To create the head, cut two large triangles from orange felt as well as sandwich them on either side of the hat brim, gluing them down strongly. Glue down 2 black coloured buttons for the nostrils, two googly eyes for the kid’s eyes, & a red boa ‘comb’ on top of the hat.

The feet can be created by stuffing the latex gloves with fiberfill, as well as then placing them palm down and inserting the kid’s shoe in every glove.  Then pull the gloves up tightly & secure with glue to the shoes.

After all those procedures, you are now willing to put the overall costume together. Let your kids wear the leotard. Cover the white feather boas onto the shoulders, arms, and body, as well as secure the boas with safety pins.  Then let your kids put on the hat. Today, your kid’s definitely ready for Halloween.

A valuable and memorable experience

Creating costumes from scrape is definitely a worthwhile knowledge. The end result is amazing. Surely, you’re proud to know that you have made the costume yourself. You’ll be receiving absolutely nothing however praises from family,friends and neighbors.

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