Infant Eczema – It’s More Common Now

What is infant eczema exactly? It is actually a skin disorder that is quite common among infants and young children who are less than five years of age. In many cases, it will start manifesting itself when the child is only 3 weeks of age. The appearance of this disease will vary from child to child, however it does have some common symptoms. It usually begins by the appearance of a rash that causes small blisters to appear on the body. These could be present only on a small area of the body, or appear in larger areas on several different parts of the body. It will commonly appear on the head, face, arms and neck of a newborn.



What causes infant eczema is still subject to debate, but we know that the disease has some genetic factors attached to it. This means that if the parents are suffering from or have had eczema in the past the child has higher chances of being affected by it as well. Some other causes could simply be an allergic reaction to certain substances, like some types of soaps, artificial fabrics, clothing, animal fur, as well as dust or pollen mites. For these reasons, if your child is suffering from eczema, it would be a good idea to ensure that it avoids contacts with substances that could irritate the skin further.


Avoiding irritation can be accomplished by making the child wear clothing that is made out of soft and breathable fabrics, such as cotton. Special eczema clothing is available to help children suffering from infant eczema. It is also best to avoid bathing your child too frequently in hot water or using harsh soaps, as this can irritate and dry out the skin even more. Though no single eczema cures are guaranteed to work for everyone, many things can be done to help your child deal with eczema. For example, moisturizing lotions can be applied to keep the skin from becoming too dry.