Family Protection – Mobile Phone GPS Basics – Phone GPS Tracking And Cell Phone Location

For people trying to safeguard families and relationships through tracking cell phone location there are numerous solutions out there.  Quite often GPS smartphone tracking is part of a software package used to Trace mobile phones.  They are capable of doing a great deal more than merely track location, but getting an awareness of the factors behind location monitoring might be helpful.

Consider that there is a significant difference between handset GPS Tracking and Navigation.  GPS cell phone tracking is normally related to a third-party having records of either real-time or historical handset  location, while Navigation relates to the smartphone user learning how to get from point A to point B.

A Smartphone is really a contemporary and enhanced two-way radio.  Needless to say they don’t work without help and are part of a cell network.  At the heart of the system are towers and base stations, placed into a network of cells, that broadcast and receive radio signals. Cell phones include low-power transmitters that get connected to a nearby tower.  

As any person travels from one cellular tower to the next, the cell base stations monitor the strength of the cell phone’s signal. As the mobile phone moves toward the edge of one cell, the signal strength reduces. At the same time, the next cell base station in the cell being approached measures the strength of the signal strengthening. As mobile phones move from cell postion,  to cell location, the towers shift the signal from one to another.

In remote locations, cell towers could be too far apart to give a solid signal.  Even when cell towers are abundant GPS satellite signals could be interfered with by tall buildings, trees, clouds or mountains.  Signals tend not to penetrate building interiors effectively and sometimes everyone has difficulty receiving clear signals inside buildings, notably inside elevators.

Even without a GPS receiver, or each time a satellite signal is not available, mobile phones may provide information about phone location. This particular solution of formulating  handset position is named Triangulation or Mobile Location Services (MLS).  Cell Tower Triangulation utilizes signal analysis details, including signal strength, to compute the time it takes signals to travel from your mobile phone to no less than three cell towers to estimate accurately its position.  There are numerous variables influencing computations and this approach is inherently much less reliable than GPS techniques.

In the US  following the awful events of September 11, the demand for enhanced 911 (e911) emergency calling ability made improved GPS tracking technology in cellular phones.  At the end of 2005, all cell phone network providers were required to provide the ability to trace cell phone calls to a position correct inside of 100 meters or less.

In order to comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements, cell phone network service providers determined to include GPS technology into cell phones, in lieu of revamp the cell  tower network.  But the GPS in many smartphones usually are not like those in normal GPS receiver that you take trekking or bicycling. Nearly all cell phones, tend not to give the consumer direct access to the GPS information.

Under FCC regulations for emergencies (e911) GPS data, is transmitted only if a 911 emergency call is made.  Mobile phones could have GPS and also the device might “know” preciselyits location, nevertheless it really is not able to “tell” anyone else its location, until connected with a wireless network.

It really is important to note that Wi-Fi complements the cellularnetwork grid delivering supplemental conduits for position data to pass along to the internet. Handsets employ a unique electronic identifier and when enabled can pass this information, locating cell phones within the geographic area covered by the wifi hotspot.

Using cell phone GPS as a consumer requires third-party software to make use of of capabilities intrinsic to GPS Cell Tracking and Cell Phone Location. To be a phone tracker you need a software package.  You can find internet sites that give specific information regarding contending brands of mobile phone monitoring programs, particularly helpful for GPS Cell Phone Tracking. The tools discussed on these websites is amazingly user friendly, and suitable for parents or guardians and/or employers to get more than just position information as part of broad Parental Control plans.