Division 56 Memorabilia: Creating Lasting Memories As Well As Traditions With Dept 56 Shows

department 56 dickens village retired pieces

Now that the Christmas season is here, decorating is a top priority. Department 56 collectors of lighted ceramic houses are no exception. Many wait all year to get their Dept 56 houses and accessories unboxed and displayed.

But why is collecting and displaying them so enjoyable (and important)? Why do Dept 56 collectors go to such lengths to make displays that are beautiful, But why is collecting and displaying them so enjoyable (and important)? Why do Dept 56 collectors go to such lengths to make displays that are beautiful, whimsical and memorable?

Here are five reasons why collecting Dept 56 houses (and other collectibles for that matter) is so enjoyable.

o Dept 56 Collections are Simply Beautiful and Interesting to Show

The Dept 56 collection of houses and accessories are beautifully designed and always interesting. These artists obviously put a great amount of time and thought into designing the pieces and never miss adding that unique touch of character to each of them. The finished products leave no doubt about their efforts.

The Dept 56 pieces are simply gorgeous whenever, or wherever, they are displayed, whether it be individually, in a vignette, or in a large display. Since the pieces are so unique and beautiful, it’s really hard to go wrong displaying them.

Within a short amount of time, you can take these intricate houses and accessories and make them into an absolutely stunning display.

o Dept 56 Collections are an Investment

It’s commonly known that you usually “get what you pay for.”

Accordingly, since so much detail and thought goes into the production of these pieces, it is only natural that they will not be cheap.

Consequently, collecting Dept 56 pieces can be an investment that might easily add up. As with other worthwhile investments, it comes naturally to show off these pieces.

Therefore some thought and effort should go into your displays so that the collection looks as incredible as possible.

o Dept 56 Collections are Fantastic for Creative Expression

Dept 56 collections particularly lend themselves to those who have a taste for creativity. Making plans of any sort is an exercise within creativity, but mixing creative phrase along with ‘city planning’ is definitely pleasant. After all, no one wants a boring display.

With all the accessories that come with the Dept 56 collections, innumerable productions of displays can be made quite easily. From the simple to the complex, from the serious to the whimsical, the varieties are endless.

Just about everything is available to make the task simple. Of course, the most necessary accessory is cautious thought, which, when combined with just a little preparing, can turn your displays into something really beautiful instead of the actual impersonal, drab displays seen in numerous shops.

o Dept 56 Collections Allow you to Express your Imagination

We all like to dream and imagine what would be if…..

With your Dept 56 collections you can bring some of that imagination to life. For instance, what would you’ve been performing if you might have resided during the wintery times during the Dickens? Which shops would you have liked to visit (or own)? Where would you have liked to live?

Or how about if you lived in New England. What would you have liked to do there? Fish, watch the sea, skate,???

Your collections allow you to display some of your dreams and desires.

o Dept 56 Collections can Create many Wonderful Memories and Traditions

How invaluable are your family traditions? We all have them and enjoy them (hopefully). Of course, your Dept 56 displays can be a lasting tradition and memory for yourselves, your kids and your friends. I don’t know about you, but in our house we usually get our houses out for Christmas. Then we go to great lengths to make them interesting, exciting and original!

For young children, this yearly tradition can be exciting. They can remember the fun of previous years and eagerly wait to see how this year’s display will be different. After doing this for a number of years the traditions and memories set in. Of course, they might soon want to have their own Dept 56 displays!

For whatever reason, we can all agree that a memorable display takes time, thought and patience, but is there any question that the effort is enjoyable and worthwhile?