Different Types of Stringing Material

Different Stringing Material

There are many types of material needed in making jewelry, and choosing the right kind for you is very important.  One of the most important materials is the string, whether it is for a necklace, bracelet, or anklet you wish to make.  Picking the right stringing materials is a total must.  When selecting the proper string for your jewelry, you have to consider the kind of jewelry you want to create, the design you want to achieve, and the type and size of the beads you will use.  Some of the most typical stringing materials for you to choose between are : Bead Stringing Wire, Illusion Cord/Monofilament, Elastic wire, Nylon Thread, Silk Thread, Leather Cord, and Memory Wire. 

Bead stringing wire, is one of the most popular stringing material in jewelry making.  This wire is composed of stainless steel wires within a nylon coating to stop tainting.  Soft Flex, Accu-Flex, and Beadalon are the main types of bead stringing wire.  Before using wire you will need to learn how to crimp and other techniques as well as jewelry making tools their proper usage and upkeep. 

Before purchasing wire, you should consider the flexibility you will need for your design.  The higher the number of strands, the more flexible the wire would be.  As an example, a 7 strand wire has some suppleness, a nineteen strand wire is more flexible, and a 49 strand is the most flexible.  If you’re attempting to find very stiff wire, choose Tiger Tail wire.  This kind of wire isn’t as flexible as other beading wire.  Beading wire also varies in diameter.  Wires having a diameter of 0.13 or 0.14 are for light beads like seed beads and small pearls, while wires with a diameter of 0.16 or 0.18 are for bigger beads. 

Elastic cord, a flexible, stretchable cord commonly use in making informal type of jewelry.  In using an elastic wire, you don’t have to fret about needing any findings to close off a jewelry piece.  The end of this wire can be knotted or mixed together.  One of the common makes of elastic cords available in the market is Stretch Magic. 

Nylon thread is the modern alternative option to silk.  Unlike silk, nylon doesn’t fray nor stretch as much as natural silk.  And nylon is more popular today compared to silk.  Main brands of nylon treads are Griffin and C-lon.  These brands are available in a large range of colors, sizes, and spool lengths. 

Silk, this is commonly use in normal way of stringing beads.  This kind of string is perfect when stringing valuable pearls where you have to do knot between the pearls.  Silk is simpler to knot than any other thread as it is soft.  {However ,} silk frays and stretched when used over 3-5 years.  The main types of silk are Gudebrod and Griffin.  If you would like to string pearls sizes of string like Griffin size five or 6, and Gudebrod size E are highly advocated.  Silk is not useful for heavy beads. 

Leather cords, this kind of cord along with simulated suede are seriously popular when creating a rustic look and this wire is sometimes use to string heavier pendants because it has more strength and high durability.  Suede might be tied in knot and worn with a pendant.  In suede necklace, you can use coil or leather crimps in finishing off.  Simulated suede is more popular compared to leather cord because it is softer and it’s compatible to more consistent dye colors. 

Memory wire, this is a coil which has extremely robust tempered stainless-steel wire.  If you’d like to make quick and easy necklaces and bracelets, this is definitely what you will be using.  This can stay on your neck or wrist without a clasp.  In finishing off a memory wire, just make a loop at the end of the wire or you can stick a capping bead at the end of the wire.  Don’t use side cutters in cutting memory wire ; just use hardware store wire cutters.  Just don’t forget to shield your eyes when cutting this wire. 

Now, if you’re still looking for other alternative stringing materials you may use in your jewelry making, here are some other stringing materials : satin rope, hemp thread, ribbon, black rubber wire, waxed linen, and rattail.  As with most things, all of your supplies can be found online at assorted internet stores.  One of the preferred is eBay where you’ll be able to find all you stringing materials, clasps as well as anything else you want.  Most jewelry uses some variety of beads so use eBay to find cheap beads.