Baby Clothes Overstock And Clearance Items – Why Donating Makes Sense

Retail clothing storeowners inevitably face the same situation year once year – a surplus of last season’s designs in some type or another. This is often good news for the buyer, as prices on these items are sometimes slashed well below retail in order to create room for new products. However what to try and do with the clearance things that stay on the shelves well into the next season? Or what if there merely isn’t enough space to hold on to those items any more once new merchandise arrive?

Storeowners who realize themselves facing these queries could need to contemplate donating overstock and/or clearance things to a worthy charitable organization.

In several cases, making a sizeable donation can not only profit the numerous individuals touched by the organization receiving your donation, it may make a positive impact on your bottom line by allowing your business a tax write-off at the top of the year. If you are considering creating a sizeable donation, you will first wish to contact your tax advisor to discuss how the donation would impact your tax scenario.

It’s advisable to spend it slow researching potential organizations previous to donating. There are seemingly countless organizations out there that are willing to take donations of clothing and accent items. When selecting a company, build certain 1st and foremost {that the} organization is not-for-profit, as this ensures the potential tax-benefit of donating. It could be easier to find massive national organizations, but it is worthwhile to research smaller native organizations as well. These native organizations usually don’t receive the amount of exposure necessary to meet theirs demands at the same level as larger organizations. As is that the case in therefore many things, the web is usually the simplest source of data for researching charitable organizations. In addition, consult your native phone book, and ask around. Chances are you already know someone who has some sort of association to a local charity – use

those connections!

Once you have selected a non-profit organization to receive your donation, it’s important to get one purpose-of-contact at intervals the organization. This person will organize the receipt of your donation, that in several cases will be organized to require place at your business or warehouse. It’s a sensible idea to provide an itemized list of the donation, including wholesale price, to your purpose-of-contact at the time of the donation. This list will not only facilitate to document inventory in your records, it will conjointly be a useful tool for the charity to reference whereas incorporating the donation things into their existing product supply. In flip, ask that they provide you with a “letter of receipt”, acknowledging and referencing the value of the donation. This letter will give documentation that can be required to validate the tax write-off. Be certain to debate the significance of this letter together with your purpose-of-contact prior to making the donation, and follow-up soon as the donation is made to make sure the letter is generated in a very timely manner.

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