A Great Way To Buy Ideas For A Science Fair Project For In-Class Presentations

Believe it or not, I got some of my best ideas for a science fair project justs by going to my kid’s  games.  Standing on the sidelines, chatting away and next thing you know you are getting all kinds of good advice. Just think of the other parents who are also there, many of whom have been down this road before, and are glad to dish out pointersand ideas.

You can count on the experiences of other parents you get to know who have been through this route before to be a great resource for tips or ideas for a science fair project or just some guidance with your children’s science fair projects. The been there done that school is a great teacher and anyone would be foolish not to take advantage of anyone who has done  this several times already!

They can tell you about projects that their own kids did that worked well  and tell you about ideas they saw others use at science fairs. May-be even more importantly you get find out what not to do or try. Most parents have no problem sharing this kind of thing.

They will be able to tell you where they found their project ideas and a lot of advice on keeping things simple and orderly. The way it works for most of us is we learn the best lessons come from our mess-ups. When they warn you not to do this or that, it is usually because they did and were sorry for it later.

Different teachers have different preferences on how they like things done, and other parents can fill you in. They like this, and don’t like that. Even today, some teachers will prefer hand-written reports and that is good information to know. One teacher I worked with had a thing about kids using pictures they printed out from the Internet. His preference was for kids to hand draw any pictures. These are things that are good to know.

All of these other parents you talke to and help you with some advice ideas for a science fair project can’t help you with the big issue which is reading the directions to make sure the idea matches the assignment.