Your Christmases And Birthdays Rolled Into One


Having your birthday at this time of year, I can assure you, is really naff. Everything is all Christmas, Christmas, Christmas so if you were born around now your birthday tends to get overshadowed. Everyone else gets cards and presents and a cake but if you’re born in the Holidays you just get lumped together with Jesus. Everything that’s available this time of year is all winter themed or has snow men or reindeer and polar bears on it. Every-one else gets gifts that were carefully considered but since there’s nothing else available to buy, Christmassy it is!

What are you expected to do if it’s a really important birthday, for example you need to get 18th birthday gifts but all that there are in the shops is Christmas gifts? You think finding the right present for some-one is difficult when you’re shopping for Christmas presents for people at Christmas? Hardly brain surgery is it? Then again, try finding something personal and significant for some-one when all you can see or hear is a blizzard and fairy lightsof tinsel.

I had a girlfriend whose birthday was the day before Halloween and while finding gifts for her wasn’t as frustrating as finding birthday presents at Christmas you could always sense a common pattern at her birthday parties. In the photographs of her birthday parties when she was a little girl she is dressed as a fairytale princess surrounded by goblins and ghosts mugging at the camera. On her 18th, there she is looking ravishing yet rather incongruous wearing a lovely cocktail dress surrounded by, you guessed it, skeletons and zombies. I feel sorry for her, I don’t think she’s ever going to have a proper birthday party in the way every-one else does and unlike those born on Christmas day, she can’t really shift it on 6 months so she can have a party of her own, although it would mean getting to party in the springtime.