Your Children Can Use Cardboard Boxes To Create Their Own Mini Robots

Finding ways to keep your children entertained can be a tiring process, especially when the weather isn’t the best and they can’t just go out into the garden or park to play. Its easy to just stick them in front of the television or let them play computer games but you don’t want them staring at a screen for too long. Finding them something practical to do is far more worthwhile and this is where using any cardboard boxes you have lying around can come in very handy.


Obviously if you have slightly older children who are 10 or over then the idea of getting them to make something may not be ideal for them. However, for younger children, bringing out their own creative ideas can be a great way of letting their imagination run wild and actually stimulating their brain rather than just watching TV.

There are numerous things that you can get your kids to make, from pirate ships and racing cars to castles and houses. One of the best things that they can do is to make their own robot and if you have more than one child they make one each and then have their own little robot wars with them. A robot can be on of the top things to make because there are no real set guidelines on how it should really look. A robot can come in all different shapes and sizes and can have a multitude of household objects attached to it to create a truly imaginative final outcome. From kitchen roll tubes to yoghurt pots, you can find a use for many household things to make up a part of the creation. The main body of it is best created using cardboard boxes, a larger box for the central part and then smaller ones for the head or any of the limbs it is going to have.

When the actual structure of the robot has been completed, your kids can then get to work on how it looks by painting or adding other types of decoration to it. Kitchen foil can be a great addition to any robot as it will add a shiny metallic look to it and could be used to cover the entire thing or just to make certain parts stand out. The painting aspect can be even more fun than the making part as they can come up with crazy patterns made up of different colours and really stamp their own style onto it.

Getting your children to be creative can be a good way of making use of any used cardboard boxes you have around the house and will also mean that they will be using their brain a lot more than some of the other things they may otherwise do.