Who Else Wants To Know Naturally Great Ways To Reduce Stretch Marks

What exactly are stretch marks?

These ugly and most of the time, embarrassing marks are fundamentally tiny scars that come from the loss of skin elasticity. Stretch marks are common among those who abruptly obtained too much or lost too much weight. Stretch marks in many cases are found among pregnant women as well, especially in the belly area because the baby needs a lot of space to grow, thus stretching the skin on the stomach. Stretch marks often fade over time depending on how heavy the marks tend to be. There are however, methods to expedite the process and reduce stretch marks.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

One effective way of keeping your skin moisturized is to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Stretch marks generally manifest on dry skin, due to too much stretching of the skin. Water will not only preserve moisture but will keep you hydrated all throughout the day as well.  For prevention purposes, expecting women are advised to use moisturizing lotion on places prone to stretch marks such as the belly and buttocks to be able to at least reduce stretch marks appearance. Applying wheat germ oil has additionally been proven to prevent stretch marks. This is effective on those ugly scars which are just about to appear and not on the established ones.  Various essential oils that are just as effective include olive oil and flaxseed oil.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Together with standard application of moisturizing lotion, you also need to exfoliate your skin to induce circulation. While taking a bath, make use of a loofah or soft body scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells and improve the consistency of your skin, as well.  After taking a bath, massage cocoa butter lotion or vitamin E oil onto the affected region.  Ensure that you massage the area affected with stretch marks for at least ten minutes to enhance circulation and speed up the healing process.

Adjust Your Diet plan

The food you take in can also have a huge part with regards to dealing with and preventing stretch marks.  If you want to reduce stretch marks, you should consider incorporating foods rich in Vitamins E, A and C into your diet.  Vitamin C, for example supports the creation of collagen, responsible to maintain the skin?s elasticity. Foods that have high zinc content will also be great for your skin and helps structure collagen, the helping fibers in the skin. Eating food that is rich in essential fatty acid such as vegetables is also effective because this help create cell walls. You can also take dietary supplements to make sure that your body meets the required vitamins to keep your skin’s elasticity.