These Tips Will Help You Repair A Broken Heart

Have you recently been a victim of heartache? Do you have trouble concentrating on school, work, or life in general due to your broken heart? Despair not, for the world still turns! No matter what you may feel, your heart is still beating and you still breathe. However devastated you might feel right now, you can still fix that heart break.

These strategies will help ease the pain:

  • Even though you probably do not feel like it, smile anyway. Force yourself to laugh if you have to. Watch your favorite comedy movies and television programs to help take your mind off of your heart break.
  • Avoid sad or heart-wrenching music. Listen to happier, upbeat music. Definitely avoid songs that remind you of your former lover.
  • Do not point fingers or blame yourself for what’s happened. Asking yourself “What if I did this?” does no good. These thoughts only lead to frustration.
  • No matter how tempted you are to do it, do not contact your lost love.  You shouldn’t say to yourself how will I get my ex back or think about how to pull your ex back.  Remove him/her from your Myspace and Facebook friends lists immediately. Don’t send any IMs or call your former lover. Most importantly, NEVER, EVER BEG! Begging with your ex girl or boyfriend leaves you at a disadvantage and makes your ex look down on you.
  • Use healthy distractions, not non-constructive ones. Don’t do drugs, start drinking, or take anything that will be harmful to you. Many people, for example, become addicted to pills when they use them to attempt to hide emotional anguish and pain. Rather than helping, these negative solutions are hurting you.
  • If you feel like crying, do it. Vent your anger as well. Whatever it takes, vent the anger and frustration. As long as it is harmless, do whatever you can to get the frustration and anger out of your system.
  • Just do not shut yourself off from the world. Go out of town for a day or two. So long as you are not going somewhere that reminds you of your ex, go out with your friends. Discover new places, things, and people.
  • Try helping others when you can. You can often feel better about your issues by helping others with theirs. Whether you do volunteer work or simply donate money to charity, you will find yourself healing from your broken heart, little by little. Offer your support to others who might be going through a breakup of their own.
  • Make a list of your positive qualities and strengths. One of the biggest issues people face when dealing with heart break is lack of self-esteem. Your confidence will improve when you make a list of the good things about yourself. This will make it easier for you to move on and to start new relationships with other people.

If you follow these strategies on fixing your heartbreak, you will feel better before you know it! Just remember that time heals all wounds, so no matter how sad and horrible you feel right now, you’ll eventually start feeling better about yourself and life in general.