Six Pack Abs

Ordinary ab exercises like crunches are not the best way to get six pack abdominals.

exercising your abs with full body, multi-joint exercises is the best way to get muscular abs. This is the type of workout that enables you to burn belly fat by increasing your metabolism.

Crunches do tone and strengthen your stomach muscles, but don’t remove fat. More importantly, this type of workout doesn’t remove away visceral fat. It is visceral fat that is responsible for that beer belly appearance and is located under our abdominal muscles.

Only by increasing your metabolism using full body exercises can visceral fat be removed. Front squats are a good example of a metabolic boosting and full body workout. You can increase the intensity of squats by using weights like dumbbells to help you maximize your metabolism.

You can perform squats with weights by first standing erect holding the dumbbells just below your chin and against your chest. Keep your chin up to keep the proper alignment between your neck and spine. Make sure that you keep your elbows in front of your body. Go to a squatting position by bending your knees and hips. While in a squatting position, keep your rear above the level of your knees for good form. You should also keep your knees behind your toes. Return to the standing position after a count of three.

Floor mountain climbers, lunges and renegade dumbbell rows are other examples of entire body and high intensity exercises. Routinely performing the entire body workouts] combined with eating a proper diet is the key to developing six pack abdominals. This technique is superior to just developing toned muscles on top of fat.

Nutrition also plays an important role in developing six pack abdominals.

No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to develop six pack abdominals if you keep eating junk foods. To get that lean,
muscular look that you desire, the combination of full body workouts and a proper diet must be part of your

To summarize, all the ab gadgets, diet pills, crunches and situps will not get you six pack abdominals. Any strategy to burn away belly fat must include a combination of intense, full body workouts with a well designed diet plan. Then and only then can you get those six pack abs.

Full body workouts and a proper diet are the keys to success in developing six pack abdominals.