Reasons Behind Learning To Play An Instrument

Thousands of people around the World play different types of instruments. Some enjoy playing pianos & and few prefer playing guitars. I have always love playing pianos and I do have a collection of grand pianos and keyboard piano at home which I play on a regular basis. There can be lots of reasons on why people enjoy playing musical instruments. Some want to make a career out of it and some play because that’s their hobby and to relax their mind. There are several reasons why people learn to play musical instruments.


If you ask school children on why they want to play musical instruments, some say because they look cool and some say because it relaxes their mind. To be honest different students like different things. A lot of doctors from different parts of the World are also advising some of their patients to listen or play music because it can help their health but obviously the music has to be relevant.


Research done by scientists in the past has shown that music has profound effect on your body and psyche. To help cancer patients, children with ADD and others musical therapy is used. Since 2007 even hospitals started to use music therapy to heal the pain, to promote movement, to relax patients and also to release tension off ward staffs. Music can playing a big part to release stress and working in a hospital can be very stressful.


State of mind, heart rate, breathing and brain waves all can be improved by the help of musical therapy. Musical therapy is also helps in lowering your blood pressure and easing muscle tensions. I am a cancer patient myself and I have to admit musical therapy has helped me a lot both mentally and physically. I also play musical instruments which is also an added benefit as it keeps me occupied.