Our 10 – 2 – 30 Home Loan Modification Formula


Whether or not you should be able to freely modify your home loan has been a topic of heated debate in Washington D.C. Just months ago, Home Loananchor text Loan Modifications could be very shady to say the least…


The programs of the past had no structure, or timeline, and ultimately perpetuated the problems for those at risk, their feelings of indecisiveness and uncertainty growing with every month. Lenders typically would stretch the process out for eleven months to a year or more, asking for more and more documentation, purposely wearing the homeowner out, until they could foreclose. In other words, all the power was in the hands of the lenders.


In the past, lenders like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase used to reject Home Loan Modifications as a matter of fact. The tides have changed; now you have the power… The top twenty lenders are now REQUIRED to approve Home Loan Modifications for homeowners who own property worth $729,750 or less; as long as you meet federal guidelines, your paperwork is filled out correctly and you can prove hardship.


This is the time to take advantage of new laws set in place by the White House that enable you to see results fast. And with Able Financial, we make it even faster and more convenient for you than ever.


With our signature 10-2-30 formula, you can see results in your pocketbook in as short as a month. Here’s how it breaks down:


Able Financial Solutions has created a 10 minute interview process that will help determine if a loan modification is correct for you. We’ll assess whether your loan will qualify for the Home Affordable Modification Program, or if perhaps another solution would be more suitable.

Once we have all of your information and conclude you are eligible for a modification, one of our senior analysts will present your case to our team within 2 days of your initial consultation. During this meeting, our team will determine if your mortgage loan qualifies or has issues preventing it from being completed in the now standard 30 day timeline.

If we believe moving forward with Home Loan Modification is the most appropriate decision to make, we will begin to teach you how to draft your Hardship Affidavit/Letter. We’ll also help you assemble all the necessary paperwork your specific lender requires for your Home Loan Modification. Once everything is ready to go, we will submit your Home Loan Modification application to your lender and begin the negotiation process. Again, most of our clients see their Home Loan Modifications completed inside of 30 days (in accordance with HAMP – Home Affordable Modification Program.)

Why Use Able Financial Solutions for Your Home Loan Modification?

Able Financial Solutions is absolutely conscientious about getting your Home Loan Modification completed correctly. One simple mistake can make the difference between being approved and not, even if you qualify under the Home Affordable Modification Program. Mistakes can keep your modification from receiving the absolute best interest rate, monthly payment, or even a lowered principle amount, trust Able Financial Solutions to represent your best interest.


Able Financial Solutions is here to guarantee you get the treatment and results you deserve! Able Financial Solutions ensures WE meet the specific requirements of your lender and perform the Home Loan Modification as seamlessly as we can.

Able Financial Solutions Makes Sure You Get The Results You Deserve!

Able Financial Solutions is at the forefront in helping people become more aware about how Home Loan Modifications have changed in the recent past; as evident in this article.


When you pick up the phone and talk to one of our analysts, you will have an almost immediate understanding about your options and how to move forward. We’re not here to hustle you on getting a Loan Modification. Able Financial Solutions is about clearing away all the noise in your head that’s keeping you from taking deliberate action!


If you do qualify for a Home Loan Modification, Able Financial Solutions guarantees you receive the results you unconditionally deserve, or we receive no financial compensation from you at all.


Our success depends upon your approval and results.


Note: below is just some extra stuff…

Making a Decision about a Home Loan Modification

When you’re in a state of fear about the fate of your home, it’s easy to get stuck in an emotional place of non-decision. In any crisis situation, financial or otherwise, you must redirect your attention to become more solution oriented. Let’s work together to resolve your mortgage problem, so you can focus your attention on your family, your employment and your life. It doesn’t do any good to constantly focus on the problem for hours every day, when you’re struggling or failing to make your monthly home loan payments.


Able Financial Solutions has an effective method to determine almost immediately if you apply for a Home Loan Modification.

10 Minutes; 2 Days; 30 Days – Financial Relief is in Sight!

Stop delaying! Yes, we know you’re scared. We know there’s a lot of misinformation out there about Home Loan Modifications. However, we’re here to tell you that if you’re in danger of losing your house, applying for a Home Loan Modification is your first step towards a stress-free solution. Besides, don’t you want to get out from under the stress and fear you’re experiencing right now as quickly as possible?


It’s important that people really understand how different Home Loan Modifications are now that the Obama Home Affordable Modification Program is in full swing.


Make no mistake about it, a Home Loan Modification will help you avoid foreclosure and renegotiate a payment you can afford.