Many Prefer Contemporary Bed Frames For Their Clean Lines, Neutral Elements And Solid Color Schemes


Platform bed frame may sound something very special, but in actual practice, it is the original type of bed that was in use before modern box spring variety was invented. If you are not aware, box spring was actually invented only in the middle of the nineteenth century and therefore, all bed frames up to that point were by default platform beds. If you are still in doubt, have a look at the different images of platform bed frames available online. They come in all shape, sizes and make, but basically, they are all a raised platform meant exclusively for sleeping activities

Thus platform bed is a bed having a base which is slightly raised, flat and strong surface to support the mattress. There exists no foundation to support the mattress, as there is a solid paneling to provide the necessary support to withstand the mattress. Though that these bed frames are made up of several materials; bed frames made up of wood and the metal are the most popular varieties among the common people

As discussed, platform bed frame are available on all models namely:

    • Traditional platform bed frame: Bed frames bearing the look of long-established furniture styles
    • Transitional platform bed frame: Bed frames bearing the look of current furniture styles, however manufactured using time old techniques
    • Storage platform bed frame: Bed frames provided with draws underneath the frame for storage purpose.
    • Contemporary platform bed frame: Bed frames bearing the contemporary look with characteristics such as linear lines, nonaligned elements and rock-hard color schemes

Contemporary bed frames can either be of platform type or a box spring type; but in general it reflects the European style of neat lines. These European styles of bed frames are borne with straight bold lines and bear low features. These contemporary bed frames are also made up of all types of materials. Even though it is, common public generally prefer to choose either the wood or the metal variety of contemporary bed frames. Contemporary bed frames made up of synthetic fibers woven around the aluminum frame are gaining attraction among the common public. These bed frames come with the head rest provision. These head rest provision are made up of leather and are more comfortable when one is in a sitting posture

These days, bed frames are provided with head board, foot board, side rails and front rails. But one must note that contemporary bed frames have headboard provision only. One can also get canopy type of beds in contemporary designs also. With so many options, there is a possibility that one may get confused. Thus it is suggested that one browses the internet to check out for various styles of contemporary bed frames; which will blend with one’s bed room décor

It is fact that too many options actually make the choice difficult. However, spare a few days for shopping around. This is a prerequisite for any successful purchase. It is a fact that you do not buy a new bed frame everyday and so you must be prepared spend enough time for a market research. Look for different materials and styles. Try to visualize it in your setting and order only after you have found it to be satisfactory

One’s purchasing power is a very important factor that needs to be considered while choosing the bed frame. Though it is, one must weigh his or her options to choose a a strong and durable bed frame when compared to the cost of the bed frame. It is for the simple reason that the bed frames should provide the required support to the mattress; in addition to the weight of the people who will be sleeping on the bed. Do remember that one does not restrict the sleeping activity alone to the bed’s usage; but there are chances one hopping, jumping on the bed, especially when one’s family has children. Thus it is very important that one should choose a strong and durable bed frame, irrespective of the cost of the bed frame

It is important to determine the correct bed size as well. The size of the bed should depend as much on your requirement as on the size of the room. Too big a bed frame in too small a room will be very inconvenient. Different types of bed frames have been invented to accommodate such needs. Just think of a hide-away bed that fold up into furniture such as shelf or a desk when not in use. Then there are trundle beds that go under another bed for daytime storage or whenever it is not required. There are more such examples. Their designs may vary, but all of them come in contemporary. Just choose with care

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