Life Coaching: Take The Time To Smell The Roses

Life Coaching Video

Life can get on top of you very quickly, can’t it?

It can feel that there is no time to play, laugh or have fun – it’s just head down, bottom up and nose to the grindstone.

No enjoyment to be had anywhere!!

I used to believe that until I discovered life coaching.

“Life is meant to be hard”, It’s not meant to be a walk in the park”, Life’s a bitch and then you die”. These sayings are plentiful and they all support a difficult and tiresome existence with no joy or pleasure.
And, let me tell you, if you believe that, it will be true for you.

Have you considered raising your nose from the grindstone and looking about at the world around you? Would the world stop turning? Highly doubtful!
Perhaps you would notice the handsome man over the road, the pretty girl next door, the sweet smile of a baby or the gorgeous roses blooming outside your window.

It’s okay to pause for reflection and to admire your surroundings, to appreciate the beauty in your life. Each and every time you do this you get a shot of happiness, raising your vibration and lifting your spirits. The more often you do it, the better you will feel.

As I have discussed in other articles, whatever you look for consistently is exactly what you will find. Bring to mind all the beauty and complexity of life, the magnificence of nature, the inspirational actions in humanity and the infectious magic of laughter. Allow yourself to participate in the pure joy of living and notice how beautiful your world becomes.

Most of us must work for a living, that’s a fact. The way you approach that work is the key to whether you will feel happy to be alive and earning a living or like a hamster on a wheel. It’s all in your mind!

To set off on a new path of gratitude and fulfillment simply take the time to appreciate the gifts already present in your life. When life’s hurdles present themselves, and they will, your headspace and attitude is what can redefine the outcome. The very powerful tool of life coaching can make a major perspective shift.

1.You can hate it and let it fester inside, poisoning everything else in your life.

2.You can hide it, pretend it’s not there, stuff it down. Eventually it will pop up at
the most inappropriate time and demand to be dealt with.

3.You can hug it, be grateful for the opportunity to learn from it and
move on.

Which will you do?

I invite you now to stop what you are doing, (unless it’s smelling the roses), and take ten minutes off. Reflect on your life, look outside, smile at a stranger, decide to change your life right now and every day, take some time to smell the roses.