King Bed Frames Have Nothing To Do With Royalty

There are more to purchasing a bed than just walking into a showroom, selecting a design and then paying for it. You need to consider a lot more things. If you think about it, you will find that the time you spend on the bed is not really very insignificant. Beds are used not only for sleeping. You also lie there to relax, to read, to chat, to, listen to music, to be intimate with your partner. Therefore, before you buy a bed, make sure that:

    • It is of right size
    • It is comfortable
    • It is aesthetically pleasant
    • It goes well with existing décor

Different types of beds with all types of sizes, shapes, designs and materials are available on the market now a days. Choosing the right one is difficult since you cannot buy one every day, once you buy it last for long time, so you need to be careful while buying a bed. First you should determine your need like what size of bed you actually need. King bed frames is not about royalty, it is just the size of the bed. King-sized bed is generally a 72” X 84” bed.

What is bed frame? A bed without mattress is bed frame. A bed with head, foot and side rails is termed as bed frame. These parts head, foot and side rails are then combined to form a box like structure, in between that wooden slats are placed in a perpendicular manner for the mattress to rest. A center support rail was also placed in the king bed frames since it is larger than the rest.

There are so many designs available in king sized beds. Before buying or choosing a king sized bed first determine whether your room can accommodate this much large bed because bed is not the only furniture you have in bedroom, you also have cupboards and desk to be accommodated and also think on the maneuvering space.

For the bedroom décor it is very essential to place the bed in the right place. Even though the bed is very expensive and beautiful it is placed in a wrong place, it will mar the look of the entire room. If head of the wall is placed against the wall leaving the other three sides free it will look nice, if there is a shortage of place you can put the bed against a sidewall too by leaving two sides open but this should be a second option.

However, not all beds have three sides free. Sleigh beds, for instance, have only two sides open. They differ from other types in having their footboard as well as their headboard carved and scrolled. This design supposedly makes them resemble a sled or sleigh. How much they do actually resemble that is for the viewers to decide, but that they make a fashion statement is certain. If you want something that is a blend of traditional and modern, the sleigh bed is for you. If rightly chosen there is nothing grander than this.

Sleigh beds are usually made up of wood and they are very heavy too. Generally these beds are made up of tropical hardwood such as mahogany. Of course other timbers can be used but it does not give the look and feel of a true sleigh when mahogany is used. But in today’s market you can find these beds made up of iron, steel and aluminum.  

Sleigh beds too come in different styles. Some Annabelle sleigh have more contemporary look than the others have while Isabella white sleigh with its floral pattern are right for your teen age daughter. Look through the internet for different types of it. You are sure to find something you are looking for. Then again, if you do not, look for other types of bed frames as well. Beds are generally the focal point of any bedroom. They are the first thing that dr. remember it is nit enough to buy a bed, which is beautifully crafted, it should also go with the style of existing furniture and serve its purpose well.

Article by Sam Kiesel of, a website with the largest collections of platform beds on the web.