How Useful Is A Dishwasher?

Some people, me included, find cooking a pleasure, but very few look on washing up the dishes afterwards as anything but a chore!That’s especially true if you are keen on hosting parties, have a large family or just have a very busy working life.When I was young, my mother thought a dishwasher to be nothing more than an expensive indulgence.She thought it a very middle class affectation, as naff as haviing a bidet in the bathroom that was seldom, if ever, used.

Well, I must be middle class after all! Dishwasher? Essential, even if you never have dinner parties, no matter how big a family you have to feed or how large your salary!  They can cope with breakable or delicate items made of porcelain or china, seem to give good results on dishes that are greasy and oily and do a fantastic job on glassware and cutlery.  They’re certainly far more hygienic than using a the same old soiled dishtowel to dry.Best of all, even if you don’t switch it on, all the dirty dishes are out of the way and not stacked perilously in the sink!  An integrated dishwasher can also complement a kitchen decor.  That unobtrusive box under the worktop which matches your cupboards can handle pots and pans as well as using heat from the final wash to dry the dishes as economically as possible.

Those of us not availed of a professional-sized kitchen in a cramped flat or apartment needn’t despair.  Just because there’s no room for a full size model, or intruding pipework means that you can’t use all the available space under the worktop,  doesn’t mean you are condemned to buying the marigolds, scalding your hands and scraping the pots on a regular basis. There’s bound to be a slimline dishwasher that will fit even the most cramped conditions that will relieve the drudgery of washing up and make sure those dishes are spotlessly clean and germ free, or at the very least, out of sight!