How Can We Treat Genital Warts

The Reality Of What It Is And Why

World today is witnessing the spread of yet another venereal disorder of adults irrespective of age known as ’Genital warts” mainly due to unnatural sexual behavior – leading to mental perversion and obsession of mind on sex alone. Studies show that it is this sexually transmitted disease is known in medical term as “papilloma virus” in which the immunity system of human body is lost and the subject is unable to prevent the entry of this deadly virus. The sex education is spread here far and wide, in the name of ‘sexual awareness’ but proper consciousness of the subject does not involve adequate knowledge, enough to highlight the mishaps. Actually there is nothing wrong in spreading ‘sexual awareness.’ But at the same time western Cine studios are the producers of vulgar sexual movies. It is estimated through a statistics that in the US and most part of the western world, every 40 minutes a new porn movie is produced in a studio and launched in the internet, and lacs of adults sites are involved in this process. These 25,000 new entries make, what they see -happen in their real lives- the unreal is applied in reality. They make maximum gain out of such unrealistic porn movies.


Preventing and controlling the above situation is secondary and will take more years. What best can be done is how to control the disease when diagnosis gives the positive result of Genital warts.


It is estimated that at least more than 20 million humans are actually infected with this disease, and only 6 million have been identified with the disease.


It is affecting both men and women equally. The symptom is cauliflower shaped lesions bumps appearance primarily in genital and anal areas in case of sexual inter course and mouth throat in case of oral sex with the person suffering from the virus attack. The small clusters may expand and grow large in the genital region. HPV spreads even just as you are beginning to start the intercourse, unlike HIV. The cervical cancer is the possible outcome of HPV. Cervical cancer shows in women contrary to not necessarily visible in men. men see their penis and anal area affected with its once the symptoms start to show HPV attack may even visible after 2 years also, taking long time to set permanently in the body.

The following options are available:

1. Cryotherapy; a technique which is applied by using extremely cold liquid to destroy or freeze the infected cells. 2. Conization; this is a process done in the hospital under sedation to check the pre cancerous changes in the cervix 3. Leep; This is a procedure to pass a current generated by electricity with the purpose of removing the abnormal tissue. Appropriate treatment is administered, as required, to treat the problem.

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