Grow Strawberries – The Ideal Time To Plant Strawberries!

Strawberries are plants you can grow even in your house garden.  Growing strawberries doesn’t need professional gardening talents.  Even young kids can help out in doing this task at home. 

Beginners in growing strawberries have similar questions about this past-time.  They might like to understand the correct conditions for growing this plant.  Many also ask on when the best time to plant strawberries is.  These are some of the things which beginners in growing strawberries should know. 

* The ideal time for planting strawberries relies on the climate in your location.

Most strawberry kinds grow in less warm regions.  Nonetheless there are some variations that can be grown in tropical climates. 

For states with cooler temperatures, the ideal time to plant strawberries is during the spring.  The first year usually doesn’t give you a lot of harvest.  What you can do is to nip off the flowers during the first year and the next strawberry season will give you a lot of fruits.  Another choice for you is to plant the strawberries during late summer. 

By the next spring, you will be ready to enjoy its fruits. 

For those living in the tropics, the perfect time to plant the strawberries is in the autumn.  With proper care, the fruits will be ripe and ready for consumption by the next year. 

* Decide on the sort of strawberry that you’ll plant. 

There are three common sorts of strawberries and each has a popular time when planting them.  For example, the single crop strawberries that might be cropped in just one or two weeks may be planted before, during or after summer ( which is the strawberry season ).  Nonetheless planting this sort of strawberry is typically done by the professional strawberry growers. 

* Though you aren’t yet prepared to plant the strawberry, you have to start preparing you’re the strawberry bed. 

If feasible, prepare the strawberry bed in fall.  That way, when the seeds start being sold during the spring, you will be prepared to plant them into your garden.  The better part of your garden to plant the strawberries is the part that gets a lot of sunlight during daytime.  Till about 1 foot of soil and mix it with compost.  You also need to do something to protect the soil from weeds and mulch.

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