Get The Challenge Of Fun With Leaprog Leapster 2!

leapster2 system

No Comparison match to creativity and fun created with Leapfrog Leapster 2. Let Kids play and learn through their fingertips, bringing them some fun learning experience. Kids can learn school skills through 30 educational animated games and activities. This smart handheld system has been designed as battery-operated handheld game system that easy to carry and give lots of fun in learning along.

On the other hand, The “Creativity Castle Art Studio” asks kids to differentiate color using the stylus. Kids can choose a background scene then decorate it with fun animated stamps supplied. Children will explore open creativity through colors and shapes.
Giving much more fun exposure, you will need an SD card (purchased separately) which offers more memory. You will need it to save artwork, giving advantage of the online “Learning Path,” or new games download.

It is still possible to purchase game cartridges without any SD Card. The initial set-up is relatively simple. And Don’t forget to install the Leapster 2 software into your computer (CD-ROM included).

Leapfrog Leapster2 System comes with 2 pre-loaded games: The “Dragons to the Rescue! “Creativity Castle Art Studio” and Learning Game”.
“Dragons to the rescue” is game activity with four different levels. The Basic level teaches kids to identify letters and numbers, while the most Advanced Level helps kids for spelling and multiplication practice. All teaching activities is manipulated into navigating a dragon to pass through storm clouds and big fight to collect magic crystals.

The set-up is relatively simple. Just install the four required AA batteries into the console, follow the navigation given through self-explanatory screens to create user profiles (up to 3 children).

After set-up is ready, a menu screen will appear. Now you can choose to play your favourite games, either pre-loaded games, go online, or inserting a game cartridge into it.
Leapfrog Leapster games are for kids ages 4 through 8. The console has come with curved shape to be handheld comfortably. It has been designed with full color touch screen and fun tone in button-touched. Kids can easily set for volume control or using  headphones for more “lively sound”. When playing, just control and manipulate the games using the stylus or buttons within the interactive touch screen.

Leapster2 System is a must have item for parents. It push for creativity and push kids to learn through characters they love. Available in 30 educational games makes buy Leapster 2 pink such a great investment to have!