For His Sake I’d Better Have A Very Merry Christmas!


These days we can’t all afford to be going off to the Caribbean or Thailand for our spa breaks, these days we have to do things far closer to home. Why we travel all that way is a bit of a mystery to me though. I hate flying, I’m not scared of it, I just find it so interminably boring! I suppose the economic climate’s something of a blessing this year as I’ll be able to go to a London spa rather than taking a 14 hour flight to the ends of the Earth!

I realise the weather’s going to be better somewhere exotic and that the exchange rate means that it’s far better value for money but really, I don’t mind the snow, it is Christmas at the end of the day and if some-one gets me some Christmas spa gifts then who am I to complain? For his sake he’d better get them for me anywayI I’ve been dropping hints like there’s no tomorrow but trust my luck he’ll get me a socket set and a set of golf clubs. Oh yes, the perfect mum to be gifts! I know why he does it, he gets the things he’d like to get so that when I don’t like it he can, in an oh so chivalrous and magnanimous fashion say “Oh, never mind darling, I suppose I could find a use for them” and I’ll never see him again because he’ll be tinkering about under some old bomb of a car that he picked up or he’ll be playing the back nine over at Wentworth leaving me up to my elbows in nappies and formula.

If he tries that kind of game again he’ll be sorry! He’ll find his golf clubs put right through the middle of the windscreen of that little car of his, all except his mashie; I’ve got somewhere far more excruciating for that one to go!