Dresses To Wear In A Special Occasion

When preparing for a big event, you can normally get some kind of clue regarding the dress code on the invitation.  Different dress codes means different kinds of special occasion dresses.  Knowing what a dress code suggests can help you make the perfect choice when it comes to choosing a special occasion dress.

When a dress code calls for a “black tie”, it’s normally a very formal event. A tuxedo for men and long gowns for ladies are normally worn to this kind of celebration. A formal dress code is slightly more relaxed in comparison with a “black tie”. Here, a woman can use a cocktail dress.

A white tie dress code is an extremely formal one. It’s more formal than a black tie. Dress code for men includes full tuxedos and its associated accessories such as ties and vests. Dress code for women calls for a long gown.

An celebration that requires black tie optional attire gives a little more flexibility to the typical black tie dress code.  Black tie optional lets men to pick whether or not to wear a full tuxedo.  The other choice for men is a dark suit with a tie.  For women, floor length gowns can be worn for a more elegant look.  Cocktail dresses and formal separates are also appropriate.

A creative black tie dress code isn’t normally called for. If it is, it is usually for a theme party. The key here is to wear trendy rendition of a black tie dress code without looking like a costume.

In semi-formal attires, long gowns and tuxedos are not required to use. Men can use suits while women can wear cocktail dresses. Semi-formal attires are normally worn in school dances and dinners. In a business formal, women should use business-like, tailored ensembles.

Cocktail attire is similar to semi-formal as well.  Men should use dark suits, while ladies should use cocktail dresses particularly.  The formality of a cocktail party can vary a bit, so if the invitation doesn’t specify anything other than cocktail attire, look at the time of the event.  Later parties are generally more formal and call for longer dresses, while earlier parties are more casual.

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