Disco And The Saturday Night Fever Defines Today’s Dance Costumes

It was the era that celebrated the spinning mirrored ball, colorful lighted shows on illuminated dance floors and also white leisure suits along with black shirts as well as a lot of gold chains on the men. John Travolta is remembered for his responsibility as Tony Manero, the disco king that wore platform shoes as well as a white disco suit. It is the most effective image of disco costumes today.

Until now, almost all areas of America still remembers the Saturday Night Fever stance in which one hand high is placed in the air and the other thrown the behind, with a hip thrust out as well as legs spread slightly apart. Another is the dancing move wherever a dancer’s hand goes up and down around the body. This dance move is reminiscent of the late seventies as well as early eighties’ sizzling disco nights.

Disco And The Famous White Suit Make Disco Costumes For Men Simple To Create

Nowadays, disco costumes are still a big hit in the costume industry. You can rent it or even buy it if ever you’re attending a celebration or an occasion where costumes need to be worn. John Travolta’s character as well as his wardrobe made him an unending image in the world of costume. Disco would be loved forever in the world of costume due to him.

Women’s Disco Costumes Offers lots of Options

If women want to look attractive and also clever, after that swirling dresses without shoulder necklines works better. Hot pants in bright colored spandex with a stretch spandex top may be great for women brave enough to wear them. These were tight enough to create the body totally shaped together with this kind of clothing. These Lycra catsuits with platform heels as well as large Afros will always be a big hit.

Considering that much of disco was actually encased in the images of John Travolta as well as the Saturday Night Fever movie, a bit of research of the movie itself or watching one of the a lot of spoofs which exist will give you great ideas on a disco costume.

But consider that ladies clothes made of leopard skin prints, stretch halter jumpsuits, white colored clothes would glow under the various light shows on wherever club or location you might be in. Alternatively, gold lame blouses and skirts were also popular as disco wear and also will surely be one of the best costume ideas. Most women are utilizing things adapted from dance outfits in the present. Disco queens always prefer tighter and more fitted disco wear.

Both men and women loved wearing satin-made clothing which reflected the lights and mirrors. Disco dancers also looked longer and also leaner through the famous platform shoes. But there is one thing you should keep in mind. The disco period became so famous due to its various sexy dance moves as well as its fashion. Therefore, you should base your disco costume ideas on these two!

From a disco themed party, how about a pool party? If you’re not at ease putting on sexy women swimwear like one piece or monokini, you can try on swimdress, boy shorts, or swim skirt.