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Our preparations for Christmas starts a few months earlier. Preparations involve cleaning and tidying our homes, removing unwanted things that have been accumulated and buying new things for home and family .

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Naturally shopping is one of the top priorities in the Christmas season. Retail showrooms is a buzz with Christmas season discount sales. This is when families prefer to shop for bigger things like TV, Car etc. We shop for gifts for all relatives and friends besides our own shopping for the entire family.

Weeks a head of Christmas our preparations for baking and cooking different recipes starts and we make elaborate plan to host dinner to the entire family with friends.

We also have the ritual of buying the Xmas tree and decorating it with lights, starts, bells and other ornamental hangings and also attend the Christmas mass at the Church.

Children wait up all night for Santa Claus to come in through the chimney and drop gifts in socks and so do the adults who wait for their gifts too.

Christmas on the whole calls for celebration of coming of Christ and the spirit.It is a true celebration of values that Christ stood for, in loving, forgiveness as well as kindness to one and all.

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With small children around Christmas celebration is full of Fun, gaiety and laughter. It is party time filled with gifts. Children slowly grow up, leave home and you find yourself alone at home. Children do come home for the first few Christmas seasons and stop doing so after a while. Now days people tend to book resorts and take a holiday overseas during Christmas holidays.

So this year, Christmas will have a new meaning and look for you to be celebrating alone. Never waste a moment to think that you are missing your children. You should now discover the true spirit of Christmas and find its true meaning. It can open new chapter in your life which you never know existed.

You can, this Christmas reach out to the lesser fortunate families who are not able to afford celebrations, the people who are suffering who need love and care and those who do  not have anyone to call their own and thus through community service reach out to spread Christmas blessings.

You will discover the joy of breaking bread with sharing and caring for everyone who is in need. Discover true spirit of Christmas. By giving and sharing you are not only helping the other person in need, more importantly you are helping yourself. You will begin to discover your inner soul qualities and face a new person within yourself. This is the way to please Christ and receive his merciful blessings indeed.

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