Buy Storage Beds To Lead An Organized Life

Platform beds are ordinary beds with solid panels that hold the mattress without the aid of any box spring or mattress foundation. As I said, they are ordinary beds that you probably use even now, but did not know that they had a specific name. In deed, there are different types of beds and each of them has a specific name. However, such names are never exclusive.  For instance, a platform bed becomes a canopy bed when it comes with four posts to hold a canopy over it. Then again, it becomes a storage bed when it has drawers for storage purpose under it

Platform beds are characterized with an important mark; i.e. that they are provided with raised beds which are plane and strong. It is believed that platform beds originated as a loft bed; but with the change of time, base height was reduced to the ground. There is no need to discuss further about the changes which caused loft beds to become platform beds. But to brief about loft bed in a sentence, it is a bed which is very similar to bunk bed, but not provided with a lower bunk. Such an arrangement, enables one to store other furniture underneath the bed or provides enough space to do activity

Thus one can say that platform beds are bed frame styles which can modified without modifying its basic feature. For instance, when one adds a canopy to a platform bed, one could still find the raised platform frame, but with four posts and a canopy being added to it. Most common platform bed model which is available in the market is that the one which comes with storage draws, and they are called as storage beds. They are simply popular because of scarcity of space in one’s modern flat or a house

Storage beds are also called as captain’s bed. As these beds primarily used by ship captains or officers, they derived the name as captain’s bed. One can realize that the space available on the ship is very less, especially in the olden days when the ships are smaller and one had to sail for a longer duration to arrive at the destination. At that juncture, storage beds were chosen as the right choice logically by all the sailors; as it acted a space saving gadget. Having known the advantage of storage beds, these sailors preferred to have these storage beds at their home too. It is strongly believed that bunk beds would have come into origin into one’s home through the same process

But platform storage beds needs to be strong and well built. There should not be any room or space for the insects or pests to enter into the storage area. By having one platform storage bed in one’s bedroom, one will be able to organize a lot of stuff in one’s life. These beds have huge storage space that it can accommodate bed linens, blankets or any items suitable for bed use. In fact one can place everything in the storage space. For instance in children bedroom, one can place all the toys and other small items if any, instead of lying on the ground

It is a fact that if you have a small house and a large family, the storage beds become almost the only alternative. However, if your house is big, even then such beds have their own use, especially in the children’s room because this is a very convenient way of storing the toys. Bunker beds too are quite convenient if more than one children use the room. For a single child, loft beds are suitable because it allows for more play area

Various types of bed that one can choose from: –

    • Canopy bed, storage bed, loft bed and bunker bed are some of the bed types that we have already discussed about.
    • We have trundle beds which can go under another bed if it is not required
    • Sofa bed which folds up to a sofa
    • Hide-away beds which also folds up into a shelf or desk.
    • Rollaway bed frames folding into half for easy storage

The lost is not at all exhaustive. There many more types of beds available. However, not all of them are suitable for use in homes. That is why it is important to choose the bed frames carefully, keeping the existing décor in mind. On the other hand, it will be easier if you visit online shops. They offer variety of designs. You can also get a discount on the price. On top of that, if you follow the procedure, the method is safe

Article by Sam Kiesel of, a website with the largest collections of platform beds on the web.