Buy A Modern Canopy Bed Frame For A Whip Of Tradition In Modern Set Up

We all know what a bed or a bed frame is. Although we have often used these two words synonymously, they are different. While bed is the furniture we sleep on, bed frame or bedstead is the rectangular frame, which comprises the bed. In fact, the bed consists of a bed frame and a mattress and we are here to talk about the bed frame alone

There are different varieties of bed frames. Over the period of time, bed frame designs have been evolved primarily due to the change of people’s taste. While choosing the bed frame one has to take the bed room décor into consideration. Since building architecture always influences the style of bed frame; one who is living in a modern house comprising of modern architecture and décor, always opts for Modern Bed frames as they are made of sleek designs. But do remember that they are not only choice available in the market

Per a recent survey, it was found out that the people by default choose the modern bed frames. Though modern bed frames which are made of sleek designs are suitable for modern decor, one can try opting for other varieties of bed frames also. If the bed room is very small or one prefers to create a space in spite of addition of a bed frame, then one needs to opt for the modern bed frames only. But one has to bear it in mind that there are less chances of modern bed frames blending with one’s bed room décor; though they are sleek. Modern bed frames are available in all designs, sizes, shapes and are made up of variety of materials. Wood namely teak or rose or metal such as iron or aluminum are used a basic material to manufacture bed frames. One can also find bed frames being made up of wicker

One should look out for various designs of modern bedroom frames, such that the chosen bed frames should given a grandeur look to one’s bedroom. Most of the wooden bed frames are available in 3 unique models which are as follows: –

    • Original platform beds which are available without the bed spring
    • Bed frames which have draws provision to store bed linens and blankets. These are also called as captain’ bed, box bed, chest bed or even cabin bed.
    • Waterbeds provided with heavier and stringer frames to hold the water weight in the mattress

One can find varieties of bed frames. When compared to modern bed frames, one can find old fashioned bed frame available in a new manifestation. These old fashioned bed frames in new manifestation are called canopy bed frames. These are as popular as the modern bed frames among the common public. One can describe these canopy bed frames as huge beds which are usually seen in palaces and museums. Canopy bed frames are available in two styles namely traditional and modern, but the benefits or the advantages are one and the same

A canopy bed frame like its ancestor typically features four posts, one at each of its four corners. Earlier, these posts supported an upper panel, popularly known as the tester. The function of this panel was to hold the bed curtains. Earlier these curtains used to save the inmates from draughts, but with improvement of technology, such requirements became redundant and people began to opt more for beds without posts

With the change of time and one’s taste, people start liking the canopy bed frames once again. In fact they have become more popular than ever. In the place of solid tester, clothes are used to form a canopy over the bed. And one has to bear it in mind that the posts in a canopy bed frame generally extend up to four feet above the mattress. In other words, one’s bed room, should have enough ceiling height to accommodate the same. With reference to the posts composition, they are either made up of wood or metal. But modern days canopy bed frames do not bear more ornate; when compared to the traditional canopy bed frames. Added to it, in the traditional bed frame, draping is made up of heavier cloth and very intricate; whereas the modern variety is very simple and elegant

What sets modern furniture apart from the traditional counterpart is its minimalist design. Modern bed frames too are very unobtrusive, but not as unobtrusive as to leave no mark. That is where its success lies. A rightly designed bed frame will blend with the décor and yet will leave an impact. Visit the online shops for varied designs. These shops generally offer standard goods at discounted price. Just remember to allow shipping time. Otherwise, there is nothing to lose




Article by Sam Kiesel of, a website with the largest collections of platform beds on the web.