Toys From Winterfest

I took my family to Winterfest this past weekend. Science North, a science museum had an interactive workshop, we had to go.

There are some excellent toys available this year that are set to be extremely popular. Paper Jamz Guitars is going to be really big along with the kidizoom Video Camera and Turbo Twister. But I doubt these best selling toys will be anywhere near as much fun as the toys at Winterfest!

It was a excellent thing no one told the youngsters these had been educational toys, it might have quieted the shouting, laughter and astonishment. The wonderful research kits ranged from building bridges to exploding candy. The kids had to push aside the parents to obtain their turn playing with some awesome research toys.

What I notice when youngsters play with technology toys is the enthusiasm, the team work, the competitiveness that exudes. These aren’t just instructional toys, these are life lessons. And also the level of parent participation and encouragement was heart warming.

Youngsters utilized K’Nex to construct bridges and towers, then employed steel weights to test the strength of their engineering creations in each bending and compression. These academic toys have been demonstrating engineering principles that university students study, and these kids were aged 5 to 12.

Subsequent up was Magic Mud. This non Newtonian fluid swirled like a liquid in the bowl, but turned to solid rubber once you punched it. What really proved the value of this instructional toy is when 1 boy stated it was just like speedy sand.

The youngsters had the chance to make large bubbles, launch air rockets and learn about rocks and mining.

The greatest bang of the research toys was when the instructor heated up potassium chlorate then via in a candy as we watched the fireworks. Who knew you could make academic toys with a Pez dispenser to show how your body’s metabolism works.