Some Less Known Teddy Bear Facts

Who in the world doesn’t adore and dote on teddy bears. Be it kids, teenagers or the adults, all are fond of this stuff toy. While this stuffed toy has captured hearts of millions worldwide, there remain many facts about teddy bear which are hitherto not well known to us. Let us shed some light on such less familiar facts about teddy bear.

Numerous fairytales have featured teddy bears as the primary characters. However, it was the book ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ that 1st brought teddy bears to the literary scene. The book was written by Robert Southey in 1834. Soon after the book was released, teddy bears became a strongly adulated character.

Not many people are informed about the fact that the sale of teddy bears dates to several years back.  As a matter of fact the 1st teddy bear was sold in the Novemember 1902 in Brooklyn by a shopkeeper named Morris Michtom. Since then the sale of teddy bears is on rise with a large number of stores selling them nowadays as well.

These cuddly soft toys are known as teddy bears worldwide. However, they were not known as the same always. In fact, they were known as bruins at first. The term ‘bruins’ was used to advertise these stuff toys in older days. The 1st advertisement for bruins appeared in the American toy trade magazine Playthings in May 1906. The toy was an immediate hit with the little ones. Even today, the teddy bear makes for a flawless gift for children.

However, the term bruins did not last for very long. In the same year itself, it was replaced by the new name- Teddy Bears. An advertisement designed by E.J. Horsman, an American manufacturer was released in the magazine Playthings. The advertisement featured these cuddly stuffed toys but here they were referred to as teddy bears instead of bruins.

Teddy bears are now available in different quality levels. For example, in case a teddy bear seems to be very soft; it’s more than certain for it is made of low quality stuff. Such bears could be hazardous for your skin and result in conditions such as acne. Fortunately, with the help of anti acne product like Clearpores Skin Cleansing System; you need not worry about having to deal with it.

Teddy bears is one famous stuffed toy of present times. However, teddy bear didn’t enjoy such popularity always. It soared high on the popularity charts and became a household name after the launch of the comic strip featuring Booby Bear as the teddy character. Since this comic strip was published in a highly read London daily Herald, it came into the notice of many people. Since then, there is no looking back and it continues to amuse people by working as a stress buster.

So, now that you have updated your knowledge bank about teddy bear, you certainly must have fallen in love with it all over again.