Party Questions

Party, now there’s an interesting word. Is the fact that celebration as in,  “The celebration of the initial part” or is the fact that celebration as in, “Republican”? Perhaps it‘s party as in, “How several inside your party?” As the writer, I get to decide, sometimes, but not this time.

This time, it’s certainly party as in “How several in your celebration?” So what can I say that you haven’t already read about, experienced or considered. Probably nothing! So I am just going to shower you, the reader, with my random thoughts and hope I will peak your interest, entertain you and maybe inform you. Keep in mind, I’m just throwing out some thoughts here, not necessarily answers!

How many individuals are needed to qualify for the classification of celebration?  Can one person be a celebration?  The dictionary defines the verb celebration as “to appreciate oneself completely and with out restraint”.  Is settling in with a good book and a glass of your favorite wine a party?  It could be for me!  The Guinness Book of World Records say the International Year from the Child children’s birthday party in Hyde Park on 30-31 Might 1979 was the largest celebration ever, attended by the royal family and 160,000 children. Leave it to those Brits! Such celebration animals!

Do events need to be in a certain place to meet the definition of celebration? What is probably the most unusual celebration venue you are able to think of? Is there a distinction between a party along with a celebration? Are there celebration animals? Why do we have events anyway? I wonder if the largest celebration was also probably the most costly celebration. Does the host of a party have any fun? What was the longest party? What is a LAN celebration?

Are you aware that “party” in 15th century English meant a particular person and was in typical usage? In the 15th century, it could be common for someone to say, “that celebration over there holding the longbow”. Modern English would use the word “person” instead of “party”. If this usage had not changed over the centuries, what would we call a celebration today? We nonetheless use the phrase party to imply a particular individual, but mostly within the legal profession, the “party of the initial part” dialogue so typical in contracts and litigation.

How much enjoyable is a search celebration? Have you ever been to one? How about a fishing party? If fish and visitors stink in three days, how lengthy does a fishing party final? Are there rules about how lengthy any party should last? Who makes the celebration guidelines? Why are there rules if the definition of a celebration is “to appreciate oneself thoroughly and with out restraint”? If you impose rules, is it still a celebration? I imply, what about all the restraint of rules.

So, this concludes my ramble around the ubiquitous party. I hope it sparked some interest, entertained and perhaps amused you. If not, there’s considerable info around the Web for each and every aspect of parties that you can imagine and, some you can’t!

Ester Millington is a writer for Skylighter which sells confetti cannons , confetti cannon and punk sticks as well as a variety of other items.