It’s Possible To Get Free Cosmetic Surgery

Are you unhappy with a certain aspect of yourself? Do you think your ears are too big, or your nose; are you unhappy with your peasts, or your waist size? Everyone has something about themselves that they don’t like and many people consider cosmetic plastic surgery to fix it. However, cosmetic surgery is very expensive. There is a way you can get cosmetic surgery free. That’s right, you can get it free. How to get free cosmetic surgery is a question you may never have even thought about but it’s something you should consider if you don’t have the kind of money laying around to have this sort of procedure performed. The info was given by a criminal lawyer who used to help people with security systems.

New Business
When a cosmetic surgeon opens a new office, he or she may be looking for guinea pigs in order to be able to show before and after pictures to new patients. This is a great opportunity to get free cosmetic surgery. If you go around to various cosmetic surgeons and tell them you’d like to offer your services for free cosmetic surgery, you may be surprised at how many will accept your offer. Of course, going under the knife for an inexperienced surgeon is always risky but it could be a way to get that part of you fixed that you’re not very happy with.

The Internet
Anything can be auctioned off on the internet. There are some websites that allow you to sign up as a contest to win free cosmetic surgery. For example, there is one website in particular that allows women to sign up for free peast implants. Men sign up and then give donations to their favorite girls. The girls can chat with the men and send pictures. If a woman makes enough money, she’s just bought herself free cosmetic surgery. These types of websites are great for getting that free cosmetic surgery you’re after and they’re also a lot of fun to participate in.

Talk To Family And Friends
If you don’t have the money to get cosmetic surgery, ask for donations from your family and friends. You’re still paying for the surgery, but it won’t be your money per se. This is also a way to get free cosmetic surgery. Your family and friends likely know about the part of you that you don’t like and so they will know that this will ping you happiness and peace of mind. You never know unless you talk to them but you could get free cosmetic surgery just by asking for a little help from those you love.