How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Using Various Techniques

Infestations of this insect are very much in the news currently, as they seem to be on the rise. While not dangerous, these pests are certainly annoying and make us uncomfortable in many ways. Fortunately, if you want to know how to kill bed bugs, it is possible using several methods that are known to be effective.

There are several reasons why the problem with these pests is on the rise, and one is that they are good travelers. Because we live in a society that has great mobility, there are many opportunities for this to happen. You should maintain an awareness of how easily these pests are to pick up in hotels and other places with high traffic, and to unwittingly bring them to your home.

If you must travel, you could accidently come home with these insect stowaways hiding in clothing or luggage and not be aware of it at the time. Before putting clothes away, even if they are clean, launder them in hot water, which will kill the pests. Items that cannot be washed in hot water may be sent to the dry cleaners, which is also effective.

In general, heat is an excellent way to do away with these pests, and hot water laundering is therefore highly recommended. Along with clothing, items like bed linens, pillows that can be washed, and toys such as plush animals, may be treated this way. If hot water is not an option, objects may be placed in a clothes dryer on high heat without washing.

If washing or heating is not possible for some objects, encasement in thick plastic is an alternative. In this way, pests trapped inside will die from lack of sustenance. Large items such as mattresses may be treated this way. Completely sealing the plastic, so that nothing can escape, is critical for this method to work.

Extremely cold temperatures are also lethal to these pests, though this method requires a longer treatment time than heat or hot water washing. But, smaller objects that can not be treated other ways may be placed in a freezer for several weeks and then will be free of infestation. Some examples would be toys or clothing items that can not be heated, washed or dry cleaned.

There are chemicals preparations that are available to treat infestations after other methods have been used and there is still an infestation. Caution should be used when there are pets, children, and plants in the area to be treated, in case the chemicals might harm them. Due to their tenacity, a combination of treatments may be needed to get rid of bed bugs completely.