How To Entertain For Guests With Special Dietary Needs

Entertaining friends and family is one of the great pleasures of life. Entertaining doesn’t have to become complicated or effort but there could come a time when you have to have special arrangements for the guests. An example is dietary requirements – vegetarians, vegans and for those people who are lactose-intolerant amongst others, it is crucial that you understand their demands and you prepare food that fits using their eating habits or dietary conditions.

The very last thing you want is to offend a guest by serving up a meat-based meal when they are vegetarian. If you’re cooking for someone whom you haven’t cooked for previously then it might be good manners to call or visit them before the event to ask them about their eating preferences.

Just remember that many guests who’ve a unique dietary requirement won’t be disheartened should you go ahead and prepare a main course that is not fitting on their behalf. It may be hard enough preparing one main course so instead you are able to majority of the starters to suit them or make more side dishes.

We are taking a look at some of the more common special diets – the things they mean and which foods must be avoided or had at least to help you move ahead confidently when planning your party or get-together.


Diabetics have to watch their sugar intake therefore it can be frustrating to allow them to dine out or attend social gatherings. Make their lives easier by discussing together prior the way you plan to prepare the meals – you need to at least limit the sugar content as much as possible or use sugar substitutes. This will not ruin the flavor of the meal and it’ll not eliminate to many options in regards to what you can make.


Don’t panic if you have a vegetarian or two over for dinner! They don’t eat meat or meat derived products which means you just have to ask in advance. When it comes to meat products you might not bear in mind what they are because they are available in many guises. Some of the more prevalent foods which are produced from animal derivatives include chicken or beef stock cubes, gelatin and lard. You can a lot more than make things up to veggies by looking into making a lot of side dishes of vegetables, salads or pastas.


Just like a vegetarian a vegan does not eat any form of meat or meat products. Furthermore they don’t consume eggs, milk products or perhaps in most cases, honey. Make sure they are happy by piling on the vegetable or salad dishes and making meatless pasta or rice dishes. You can substitute butter with margarine and soy milk may be used rather than cow’s milk.

Lactose Intolerant

If you’re entertaining for any guest who is lactose-intolerant then you have to steer clear of milk products however the good news is that there are plenty of alternatives now that could make your meal planning for a good deal easier. Try soy or almond milk and margarine rather than butter. Keep the labels from the food you have prepared that can be looked over by your lactose intolerant guest – it is not that they don’t trust you but it may come as a habit for them and you ought to be sensitive about this.