Have You Looked At Buying The Optimus Prime Toy?

Assuming you have boys to get gifts for this Holiday you might want to have a look at Transformers Leader Optimus Prime. Transformers have been available for several years and you may well discover that Dad does not want to do without this one. It is so fabulous that a few grown-up hobbyists have given it five stars. The actual recommended age is five years or more although to be fair, the younger children will require assistance transforming this particular model into a truck.

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So just who is Transformers Leader Optimus Prime? He is a robot who wants peace and thought he’d finally reached it after countless years battling the Decepticons. However he finds out that Starscream has been freed and is gathering a big army on earth. Optimus Prime needs to resume the war if there is to be any kind of hope of the planet being saved. He collects his human and autobot allies and hunts down every single Decepticon until eventually they are all killed.

This transformer not only converts into a truck but when in this mode, his motor revs and he produces racing sounds. In contrast to some designs in this range the paint will not be scratched as you change from one style to another one. Admirers of Leader Optimus Prime appreciate the fact that he appears very like the actual movie version and Peter Cullens words saying “I am Optimus Prime” goes down very well too.

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So is this model suitable for younger kids? Well if you wish to help them learn patience and to take care with their toys and games it becomes an ideal model to consider. They should really enjoy the fact it feels just like the one on the TV and hopefully that’ll be sufficient for them to have fun with it with care. However for younger children you may want to get them a cheaper edition from the Transformers range or possibly one of the many Fast Action Battlers and save this particular one for them to appreciate when they’re older. It’s not a cheap toy and though it may be well made you might worry if they fool around with it too roughly.

To truly delight an older child or grown-up enthusiast you might include Transformers Human Alliance Bumblebee in the bundle. The toy is certainly detailed and it is the detailing which appeals to the older audience. That in addition to the fact getting all these toys lets them relive their youth.

Basically, if you are purchasing for boys this year, Transformers Leader Optimus Prime and/or Bumblebee will certainly delight them.

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