ElliptiGO Promises Elliptical Workouts That Will Get You Someplace

The ElliptiGO is part bicycle, part elliptical. The workout machine transportation device was intended by an Ironman who had been badly injured in an accident. The device is an elliptical machine that operates like a bicycle. The machine can go just about anywhere a bicycle would. It uses eight gears to provide a high intensity workout without impact.

What the ElliptiGO design looks like

Regular bicycle tires are used with the chain drive of an elliptical machine. This is why “an outdoor elliptical bicycle” is what the ElliptiGO is considered. Riders between 5 and 6 foot 6 to ride the machine as there is an adjustable stride length and steering column on it. Riders up to 250 pounds are kept by the carbon-fiber frame which also has a bicycle gear shifter with eight gears.

How an ElliptiGO works out

It isn’t as good to just bicycle or run alone. The ElliptiGO is supposedly better than both. A reasonable pace on the ElliptiGO is comparable to a bicycle, at about 12 to 18 miles per hour. There is a really wide range of motion of your hips and knees on an ElliptiGO, wider than a bicycle but with less impact than running. By standing, instead of sitting, the ElliptiGO causes your body to burn more calories with each motion. The full leverage of legs and hips is behind you while your body is always moving. This means, the ElliptiGO makes it easier to go up hills than it would be on a bicycle.

Is the ElliptiGO worth a shot?

It is fairly pricey to purchase the $2,200 ElliptiGO. The high-end carbon fiber bicycle will cost about this anyway. Are you thinking about investment? The ElliptiGO is part cross trainer and part transportation that is self-propelled. An ElliptiGO, because it allows you to stand while moving, won’t wrinkle your clothing, which is a common problem with bicycle commuting. The ElliptiGO is one-tenth the price of a car. It may be worth it if you’re going to use it as a transportation system.

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