Early Childhood Learning With Shichida Flash Cards

Flashcards are accounted as an effective and time-tested method for the learning process of a child. Since long, teachers at school and parents at home have been using flash cards for teaching children. Early childhood learning is very important for the growth of children. In due regard, early childhood methods are devised to help improve and enhance a child’s performance in the future. Makoto Shichida. This method has become highly acclaimed globally and now has provided a highly positive feedback. Pictures, games, flashcards and a variety of tools are used. To combine fun and learning together for kids is one of the main use of these tools.

The basic idea pertaining to shichida learning method is that it emphasizes on two hemispheres of the brain that are divided into two parts, the right brain and the left brain. The child thereby grasps on an expanding opportunity of skills development and enhanced learning. The contemporary methods are not sufficient and efficient enough to test a child’s abilities; this is what the originator of this study method thinks. If you want to lay a sound foundation, it is very important to start learning at an early stage. The foundations of Shichida flash cards are laid on similar methods. When a picture is shown to the child, it triggers the right as well as left part of the brain to make him/her name that particular object on the flash card. The child thus brings his intellect into use along with improving his language skills. When these flash cards are replaced in couple of seconds, the child learns to think quickly.

There are many advantages of Shichida flash cards as well. The most significant benefit being that the child’s memory power is enhanced at an early level. The flashing of the cards at a rapid pace helps do so and that too without any repetition. This stimulates the child’s brain to remember and then recall stored information. The child’s response system becomes faster and quick thinking is activated. It also establishes their listening skills which are very helpful in the later stages of their lives. A child learns to focus and the attention span increases by using Shichida flashcards. There is a variety of subjects for which you can easily get Shicida flash cards. Picking up 2 or more subjects and finishing something like 100 cards on daily basis should be your aim. The number of flashcards can be increased according to the performance of your child. It is better to make it joyful for the children. The child should be made relaxed by taking breaks during the session.