Buying A Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Cannot Be An End In Itself

You may like them to be bold or you may want them to be unassuming; it does not really matter. What should matter most is that the bathroom fixtures you choose are as much functional as they are stylish. Where a compromise needs to be made, you should make sure that the fixture is more functional than stylish. However, as far as contemporary bathroom vanities are concerned, there is no need for that. Most of them are a happy blending of beauty and utility.

Decide on an ideal vanity and know its features to select the perfect blend of functionality and style. The bathroom vanity is on the whole a storage cabinet that also holds the sink and the four major functions are:

  • The basic role of it is to hold the sink.
  • It also gives a neater and aesthetically more pleasant feeling and hides the unwieldy plumbing from the sight.
  • It also helps keeping all the toiletries at hand.
  • The space under the sink can also be used. There are few shelves or drawers to hold sundry items in even small vanities.
  • There is no equal amount of storage space in every bathroom. The design of the contemporary bathroom vanity is minimalist; in that case if you need a larger storage place then it will not be suitable for you. Just like any other purchases, you will have to assess the need of yours, but that is not enough. You should also try to see in your mind’s eye the different styles which will suit the style of your bathroom and also simultaneously undertake a market research.

    It is not at all a hard task to find out the bathroom vanity in suitable shape and size. The size ranges from eighteen inches in width to fifty. There are lots of shapes which can be visualized. The days when the woodworkers worked on the limited variety of models have gone. But in the recent days they are made out of wood, glass, ceramics, stones and metals and they are designed by professional designers.

    When you see the different varieties they are from floor-standing to wall mounted. These sinks if it is small it will hold a single one and if there is a larger model it will hold two sinks. Even the size, shape and design of the sink will tend to vary. In the starting stage there were only two types of sink.  The look like it is set inside the hollow of the vanity. But in the recent days the vessel sinks are set on top of the counter and that to they are in different shapes and sizes! Try to visualize a warm wooden vessel sink which is set on a marble countertop or a stone vessel in black which is fixed on set on the top of a glass vanity

    That is why it is important to look around a bit before making any final choice. Whether you buy a modern double bathroom vanity or single, it does not matter, what matters most is how it will look in the existing set up. Of course, double vanities have certain advantages. If both of you have to go out at the same time, a double vanity with double sinks and double mirrors set in front will help you to get ready much more quickly. You can finish your hairdressing while he is still doing his teeth.

    Do you have a steam shower installed then you must be especially careful in choosing the materials. The shower enclosure is usually airtight, but a little bit of steam will always escape into the bathroom. But in that case even the small quality of steam will damage the vanity or the mirror unless tit is made in such a way to resist the hot and humid air. In that cases glass vanities will be more suitable and safer. Be careful about the bathroom mirror because if it an ordinary mirror then becomes spoilt if it is regularly exposed hot and humid air.

    Mirrors are integral part of any bathroom setting and more often than not come with the package. They are also available separately. Look for the right type of vanity light as well. Such a light is all the more important if you use the vanity to do your make up as well. However, if used correctly mirrors and lights can give an illusion of bigger space than is available. In fact, remember that your bathroom is a room, a part of the interior and so should be treated as such. Buying a good bathroom vanity cannot be the end itself. You must use proper accessories to bring the best out of it.

    Article by Bill Robinson of ModernBathroomVanity – a website with the best selection of wall mounted bathroom vanity on the web.