Botswana Safari – The Perfect Holiday

If you tend to spend your holidays abroad at the same hotel in the same resort in the same country as you have done for the past 10 years, then why not consider treating yourself to a bit of an adventure next summer? And what could be more adventurous and exciting than a safari? A safari holiday is a once in a lifetime experience and the wide expanse of nature and beauty will leave you with some brilliant memories and experiences that will make the trip worth spending that little bit more. And when thinking about a safari, there really is only one country worth looking at; Africa. The wide open countryside covers hundreds of miles and is home to a variety of animals, forests, lakes, rivers and deserts. One of the most popular countries to visit in Africa on safari is Botswana Botswana safari The Kalahari Deserts cover approximately 70% of Botswana and because of this, the country is considered to be in the top 10 destinations for safari holidays – you certainly won’t be disappointed. As the majority of land is covered in desert, a desert safari is a very popular choice in this country. safari to Botswana Land Cruisers and Four Wheel Drive vehicles are provided by tour operators for this style of safari, and with a huge amount of desert to see, you will never forget this trip. If you fancy doing a bit of wildlife spotting then Botswana safari’s can also cater for your needs. Travel across the countryside and see various animals in their natural habitat. Botswana luxury On trips such as these you can enjoy the natural greenery and spot various animals native to Africa such as elephants, lions and giraffes. This all sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well if the only thing you are slightly hesitant about is the accommodation then you really have nothing to worry about. Chalets with flushing toilets and air conditioning are available through most safaris, and luxury 5 star accommodation is also available. Furthermore, you can even stay in five start hotels in certain locations. And in these circumstances, certain Botswana safaris will allow you to sleep under in the open land.