Assist Children To Learn Using Shichida Flashcards

The 21st century is known as the century of the brain. Today parents are far more concerned about children’s education and want to get them off to an early start. There are many techniques that parents can use in order to develop a child’s learning abilities. Flash cards are used widely all over the world as an effective leaning tool.

Flash cards are a set of cards that bear some pictorial information. Flashcards can contain different types of information such as words, pictures, numbers or figures, and this technique can be used anywhere may it be a classroom or an organization. Teaching by using flash cards is used extensively used in classrooms, and even in some organizations.

Researchers and scientists have been speculating if an infant can be taught words and math a few months after they are born. Dr. makoto shichida, who is an educational specialist, has an answer to this. According to dr shichida children start learning from an earlier age.

As he laid out, the brain consists of two dimensions that are divided into parts, the right brain and the left brain yet are interrelated. It is proposed that the use of flashcards as a teaching technique can help develop both sides of a child’s brain. The shichida flash cards increase the knowledge of the child as well as stimulate the brain.

Most often, the left hemisphere is used only; however, when swift information is provided to children, the activation of right hemisphere also starts. Flashcards must be flashed very fast to stimulate the right side of the brain. This make a quick picture in child’s brain. With the use of Shichida flash cards, the child’s both sides of the brain are stimulated. The right brain processes the images and the left brain processes other information.

There are a number of methods to use flash cards.

–   Keep swapping the card with an interval of less than a second between two consecutive cards.

–   Flashing as many cards as possible for each session.

–   It is better not to repeat flash cards in the same session.

–   Do not press the child with accentuated strain.

It is important for your child to have fun, so that flashing cards becomes a routine for your child just like a toy.   The basic benefit of the flash cards usage is that the child retains a strong memory power and recalls the information over an extended duration. the advantage of using shichida flash cards is that you can start the process of your child’s education at a very timid age. these contribute to the growth of the child’s brain to its maximum force.

Shichida has brought a variety of flash cards in the market.

The purpose of each set differs and is to be used at different times during the educating process. Or example, the dots contribute to calculating development ability while the graphical flash cards help recall multiple objects, words, numbers, alphabets etc. The shichida method has yielded positive results for many parents. Most parents are pleasantly surprised to see infants learning various skills at an early age. It is a wrong conception of most of the parents that a child grasps particular concepts at a certain age.