Are You In Chicago? Drop By At The Navy Pier

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One of the top tourist spots of local and foreign visitors in Illinois is the Navy Pier in Chicago. The most noticeable landmark of Navy Pier is its 150 foot Ferris Wheel that is certainly a harking back to World Colombian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Nearby is the musical carousel, hand-painted with historic narrations of the pier. Between the Memorial Day and the Labor Day, fireworks demonstrations can be enjoyed each Wednesday and Saturday nights. An 18-hole Chicago-theme mini golf course and a ravine climbing attraction can also be found in the Pier Park. The Fun House Maze plus the Chicago Children’s Museum are some of the indoor attractions. The five hundred seat courtyard theater as well as 200 seat Chicago Shakespeare Theater can also be found here. Nearly all musical and theatrical performances were held inside the 1,500-seater Skyline Stage.

Boat excursions stretch from spendthrift feast cruises across the lakefront to rough speed boat rides. Chances are you’ll even witness a wedding on board one of several boats! Lots of ecologically friendly festivals are being held here. There are a variety of stores at Navy Pier, with various exceptional memento stuff and local souvenirs. Dining alternatives vary from burger and hotdog stands to some mini foodcourt to top quality dining establishments.

Navy Pier likewise is a convention center, which can cater medium sized shows with 55,000 square meters of exhibition room in Festival Hall and 36 conference rooms. Crystal Gardens is a 1acre steamy paradise with |more than 70 full grown palm trees and many different seasonal plants and flowers. Private parties and company events are held here or you can select from over a hundred Chicago Hotels and conference centers in the vicinity.

The lake front is a superb spot for cycling and skating – you can actually rent bikes or roller bladesat Bike Chicago, found at the pier. And whenever you call for a break from the whole set of activity, Navy Pier {is really} good spot to simply sit and enjoy all the people around. – the directory of Green hotels – found this site and other areas all around the world being environmentally friendly.

A little flashback from the past: Navy Pier was first built in 1916 and was formerly called Municipal Pier No. 2, since the Municipal Pier No. 1 did not actually materialize. It had been the biggest pier in the world then with 292 x 3000 feet in measurement (89 x 914 meters). It served the Lake Michigan freighters and offered shipping to other cities on the Great Lakes, and also for recreational reasons during that time. In 1927, it was renamed as “Navy Pier” to honor the Navy veterans of the World War I. In 1941, Navy Pier was converted to navy use and used throughout the World War II being a exercise facility. From 1946 to 1964, it was made an extension of the University of Illinois. After a quiet period in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Navy Pier was recharged beginning with its two oldest existing buildings; the Headhouse and the Auditorium, and, today, it’s a multi million dollar convention, entertainment and recreation center and Chicago’s main destination.
Are you aware that the twin towers of the Headhouse were actually water tanks of 2 million liters of water each? It had been used for the sprinkler system of the pier.

The best time to go to Navy Pier will probably be during the summer season to actually appreciate its splendor and excitement. Previous tourists commented that some outdoor attractions were closed especially during wet and heavy rain seasons.