Will Amazing Self Self-Help Program Improve Your Home And Family Life?

Having a look at Amazing Self self-help program?

This Amazing Self Review article will talk about the upside, as well as expose potential frailties of the Amazing Self program.

The Amazing Self sales page (i.e. the homepage) is a professionally written load of marketing fluff. Moving the fluff, aside, Amazing Self comes in 3 parts.

I covered parts 1-2 in my last article.  Here we go for part 3:

It’s called the Amazing Self Journey sessions…monthly interviews with recognized personal development experts.

How do you like this for a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo? And I quote “we went to the ends of the earth (literally) to bring together a team of presenters who are ready to start a revolution in personal evolution”…and “we assembled the most amazing collection of motivational success experts ever gathered together for one cause, and that cause is you”.

Hope that gave you a good laugh. We all know the real cause is to make money, but let’s move on…

The first journey session is with Mark Joyner who is a world renowned master marketer and expert in influencing the human mind.

He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of e-commerce, responsible for developing many of today’s popular marketing techniques including the e-book. His pioneering e-book (Search Engine Tactics) was downloaded over a million times years before e-books were common. Learn more here=> amazing self review.

Mark Joyner has written over a dozen hard copy books including best sellers “The Irresistible Offer”, “The Great Formula” & “MindControlMarketing.com”.

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Joyner is a true visionary and universally respected for having left an indelible imprint (I was about to say “mark”) on internet marketing technology as we know it today. 90 minutes of his wisdom and vision should be worth the full price of admission.

The question is…will the creators of Amazing Self be able to showcase presenters of equal prominence on a monthly basis?