Why Women Choose To Give To Egg Banks

For many girls that are fighting with infertility, the idea of using an egg freeze bank is not comfortable, at least at first. Of many questions that come up when you consider using frozen eggs, one of the most important questions is “what type of girls donate their eggs, and why?”.

It’s a valid concern. After all, it’s hard enough not having the ability to conceive on your own, and then having to consider using somebody else’s egg? It’s a difficult, emotional call. So why do it? Why do girls choose to donate their eggs? For most the answer is found in the indescribable nature of pregnancy and maternity.

Describing pregnancy isn’t the best move to make. There are lots of textbook definitions, but it’s’s hard to transcribe into words just how magical pregnancy truly is. It’s a revelation, realizing the most amazing ability a woman has – the ability to create life – has nothing to do with any classes she’s’s taken or degrees she has earned. Having the ability to create an individual the indisputable fact that your body knows the proper way to make a human, is the most astonishment galvanizing experience. And that explanation doesn’t even do it justice.

Many mummies understand this feeling, and spend nine months being amazed and embarrassed by what their bodies can do. And after your child is born, there are even less words to describe what it is love to be a mother, the inexpressible joy and love. It is for both these reasons and so many more that reveal why ladies opt to give to an egg bank – to give this gift to other girls that, for who knows what reason, can’t get pregnant with their own eggs.

And while it’s correct that egg donors receive compensation for their time commitment (since an egg retrieval cycle takes about 3 months) for many girls this isn’t their main reason for donating. For most it’s about love, about giving the gift of life to another woman, and about sharing the joy she discovered in pregnancy and maternity. It’s the very same reason why folk give their own blood, or money to good causes, or breast milk to banks that treat early babies – it all returns to like.

If you are struggling with barrenness, and are thinking about utilising a donor egg to help you become pregnant, then spend a while learning about the donors who have donated their eggs to your frozen egg bank. You’ll find that they are educated, loving ladies who want to give the gift of life – to you.